You May Download These Bird Images For Your Own Personal Use

Free Photos - for Import Into the Gold edition

Thayer Birding Software allows you to import photos into your birding program. The photos below were provided by other folks also using Thayer Birding Software programs.
They have kindly agreed to share these photos with the rest of us.
You may download these images to your computer and import them into your birding program.

 To share your photos, email them to [1024x674 - 72 dpi]

Please Note: You may not download these images for any other use. 
If you want to use the image on a web site or for other commercial uses, please contact the photographer directly.

Import these photos now:
Right-click on a photo and save it to your computer. Then Open the birding program and go to the bird you want. Then click add/edit just below My Media. Click New Photo and follow the instructions there.

 Cedar Waxwing on nest
Cedar Waxwing on nest
 Loggrehead Shrike
Loggerhead Shrike - adult 
Jeff Jones - jeff at
 Northern Flicker - red-shafted race
Northern Flicker - red-shafted race
Jeff Jones - jeff at
 Westen Tanager - male
Western Tanager - male 
Jeff Jones - jeff at
 Yellow-headed Blackbird - male
Yellow-headed Blackbird - male 
Jeff Jones - jeff at
 Great Blue Heron - in flight
Great Blue Heron - in flight
Pete Thayer - pete at

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