What Does It Mean When a Bird Hits Your Window?


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what does it mean when a bird hits your window

In almost any culture, birds are a symbol of beauty and positivity in several aspects. The Greek people imagine themselves as a bird of free spirit and since the War of Independence began, Greece has been one of the largest contributions to the European’s freedom.

So, what does it mean when a bird hits your window? Well, it depends on exactly what kind of bird hits your window. As a whole, it could mean a message from someone in heaven, a sign of financial problems, a massive change, or even worse, the end of something. They could be either bad luck or good news. Before I go over the four main meanings in-depth, let’s take a look at why most birds hit windows and doors.


Reasons to a Bird Hitting Window


Birds hitting windows is not intentional, it is merely an incident. But, why do birds fly into windows so regularly? Here are two main reasons:

  • Glass window reflections confuse birds for open space. They can’t recognise it, especially at nighttime. When birds are flying, even if there is a window in front of them, they won’t recognise that it’s just the sky’s reflection, so they keep flying, which leads to severe strikes.
  • Birds mistake their reflection for competitors. During mating seasons, male birds are very cautious of protecting territories and are sensitive to other male birds. Therefore, they continuously attack their own reflection, misunderstanding that it’s their opponent.

Knowing the reasons for birds tapping your window everyday, you have to reduce window reflection to prevent birds from getting injured. Apart from unexpected incidents, most bird collisions are spiritual messages delivered to the house owner, which I will discuss specifics in the following part.

Bird Hit Window Meaning


Some people may think a bird hitting a window is just a natural incident. However, it can be a bad or good omen that you shouldn’t ignore. Here are a few spiritual meanings for when a bird collides with a window:

1. A message from someone from above

We often see birds flying as high as they want in the sky, which is infinite and mostly believed to connect to heaven. Spiritually, they play an exclusively intermediary role in the connection between earth and heaven. Therefore, a bird pecking on a window could mean it is trying to inform you of a message from someone relating to you from above. It can be a reminder, an encouragement or even a warning, which you should pay close attention to.

There is a clue to help you figure out what the message is about, which is noticing if it is a special day or an important event of yours. The message could relate to this. In ancient times, it was believed that a bird is also the connection between God and mankind. This positive sign indicates that you are not alone even in the darkest time. God is always by your side and arranges the best of things into your life. If you’re dealing with difficulties, it could be an encouragement delivered to you. Thus, considering your situation is the key to finding an appropriate bird hitting the window spiritual meaning.

2. A sign of financial problems

According to the scripture, Jesus is a birdwatcher and he adores and cares about all birds. He also said in the bible that we shouldn’t worry by saying “What will we eat?” or “What will we wear?”. God illustrated how unprejudiced a bird is.

Therefore, when you spot a bird tapping on a window every morning, it means that God is advising you about managing your financial statement smartly or urging you to have trust in his power to accommodate your needs. If finance is what’s been bothering you for a while, it could be a reminder for you to not worry too much and not be careless of it at the same time. So, financial issues are another spiritual meaning when a bird taps on your window.

3. Massive change

Generally, a substantial transition is about to happen to you when birds fly into your window. Based on the bird’s habit of flying high in the sky and discovering nature, it could mean that you are going to face a fresh start of something new in the near future, which can be a challenge in your journey of discovering yourself. Since this massive change is only a spiritual forecast, it won’t occur right away; you need to be patient. Don’t just wait for a new change to come, because it could possibly be any opportunities around you, whether it is about your career, education, or relationships. Therefore, be patient and grab the chance while you can if you want this case turns out to be a positive change.

4. The end of something is looming

What does it mean when birds hit your window and then suddenly fall down? Again, it is an unexpected incident but it does represent an omen. Usually, birds will roam freely in the sky, but when their freedom is interrupted and pushed to an end, something unfortunate will occur as well.

When a bird collides with your window and lays unconscious, it is predicted that death is looming or your life is being threatened, especially if it is an injured or black bird. However, death isn’t always the case, it can be something else that is about to come to an end. For instance, your relationship, job, or happiness. Whatever it is, you need to be cautious and well aware to find the best solution. Moreover, you need to be aware that whether it is a good or bad omen, it will reflect not only your fate but also your relatives.

Four prime meanings above are generally considered, which are also included in this video. The message is somehow still various among several species. In order to fully understand the meaning of bird hitting windows, you need to know how to tell the birds apart, which I will guide you through with the following part.

Deep Spiritual Meaning Depends on Different Bird Species

  • Candor: Candors, in general, are signs of alarming risks. This bird carries bad omens, which represent ill health, career failure or unhappiness. If you notice this bird hitting your window frequently, you need to be highly vigilant.
  • Sparrow: On the other hand, a sparrow is believed to symbolize willingness and generosity. It could mean that you are likely to meet someone kind and loyal. The people you’re surrounded with are going to do you well, support you, and do not have the intentions to harm you and your loved ones.
  • Dove: Another positive omen is a dove, if this bird flies to your house, you can expect joyful news and good luck. Spiritually, a dove bird represents purity, moral, and love. They deliver a reminder that whatever you’re pursuing, you should make sure that it’s following the right path, without any harm or dishonesty.


For a long time in humankind history, birds have been one of the few creatures that are believed to be spirit animals, which are messengers from the spiritual world, both in dreams and reality. They are always seen discovering the infinite sky and covering long distances. They are harmless animals and very close to humans. They also have a positive vibe and greatly associate with the natural world.

Therefore, when we see them suddenly hitting a bedroom window or a car window, we often feel sad. Sometimes it is simply an accident, sometimes it has a hidden message. Whichever it might be, you should consider your situation carefully to predict what the message is.

To sum up this article on what does it mean when a bird hits your window, a bird knocking on a door meaning isn’t always as petrifying as many people would imagine. It is also believed that different species may translate different messages. A message from someone above, financial issues, a massive change, and a looming end are the most common meanings.

However, because they are all spiritual or symbolic meaning, the occurrence won’t always be the same. For one person, it could be an alarming risk, for another, it could be an encouragement.

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