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how to attract birds to a new feeder

If you are searching for how to attract birds to a new feeder, you probably got a new feeder or just started feeding your feathered neighbors. No matter the reason, you want to get birds to use bird feeder.

Knowing what to do can make it easier to encourage the bird to dine on what you prepared for them. No need to seek Reddit for the answer. We have everything you need to know in this article. Read on!

Ways to Get Birds to Come to a New Feeder


To make birds come to feeder, you need to understand the bird’s preferences in food and feeder’s position. Here’s a simple tutorial to attract some feathered friends even in winter.

What to prepare:

1. Choose a new feeder

In each region, specific bird species reside there, which you probably encounter in daily life. Therefore, picking a suitable feeder will attract those birds easily.

  • Ground feeders for birds that do not fly high like mourning doves.
  • Tube-style feeders should work for small songbirds.
  • Secure feeders are ideal for large birds, including the blue jays.

2. Remove the old one

It would be best to take down your old feeders, especially those that offer the same bird food or seed.

Once the birds are comfortable with the new feeder and it is no longer new to them, bring back the other feeders.

3. Install new feeders near existing feeders

Picking a location for your bird feeder is of utmost importance. Consider its safety from predators, proximity to bushes and trees, and the visibility of your feeder from your home.

If all these factors are met when you place your existing feeders, it is the best spot for your new one. If you skipped these factors and are looking to change the placement of your feeders, do it gradually.

That way, any regular birds visiting your feeder can trail it easily.

4. Choose a safe yet visible place

There are timid birds that avoid crowds. Place your feeders far apart to cater to them. This will also decrease the chance of diseases spreading from one feeder to another.

Securing the surrounding area is important to attract birds to feeder. Birds feel safe near a bush or tree, so that would be an ideal area to place the feeder. If you have transparent windows, add some stickers or decals to indicate that it is a barrier. It will help prevent birds from flying into your window and hurting themselves.

If there are squirrels or raccoons in the area, secure your feeder with a baffle. Choose wisely and choose one suitable for the type of feeder you have.

5. Choose the right type of bird food

You can start with common bird seeds that many birds love. If you want to attract house finches, common grackles, northern cardinals, magpies, chickadees, jay, and more, there are some types of seeds you can prepare:

  • Black oil sunflower seeds
  • Thistle seeds
  • Sunflower

Many bird feeders can take these seeds, except for those with small feeding ports that can only keep Nyjer.

Later, when the birds are feeding comfortably in the new feeder, you can add your preferred seed little by little. The type of birds that you attract to the feeder will help you find the right food for them.

6. Scatter seeds in the open

A clever trick that works most of the time to attract birds fast to your new feeder is scattering the seed on some visible spots, like a shallow plate or pan, the ground, and the top of the feeder. By doing this, you are announcing a new feeding spot in the area.

This is effective because most birds have poor smells but have a fantastic vision. Seeing seeds out in the open can easily guide them to your newly installed feeders.

7. Add a bird bath

Water is a necessity for birds alongside food. They use it for drinking and for bathing themselves. It will keep them refreshed and maintain their feathers as they preen. Having a bird bath with fresh and clean water effectively entices them to your new feeder.

The best options are a fountain, dripper, mister, or wiggler bird bath. It keeps the water moving, catching and reflecting sunlight while creating a pleasant sound. The noise and the light can catch any bird’s attention.

One important thing to remember when adding a bird bath. Don’t place it too close to the feeders. Having it too close means it’ll catch a lot of bird droppings and falling bird seed.

Bird Feeding Tips


  • If you have pets, keep them out of your backyard or garden.
  • Grow plants that provide habitats such as trees or shrubs and food like nectar.
  • Don’t use toxic products that can contaminate feeders and bird food.
  • Always provide a fresh and clean supply of water.
  • Clean your feeders regularly. Once you notice any sign of disease, remove the feeders immediately.

It will take time before the birds find your new feeders and become used to them. They might not be as excited as you because change is hard, even for birds.

Frequently Asked Questions


We have listed some common questions about attracting birds to feeder on a balcony. You might find the answer to your inquiry here.

How long does it take for a new bird feeder to attract birds?

It could take a few days to several weeks before birds start to feed regularly on your new feeder. Don’t rush, and be patient.

Wait at least two weeks for the birds to discover your bird feeder before you make any changes in the bird seed or location. Give them enough time to adapt to the modifications.

Why are the birds not coming to my new feeder?

There are several reasons why, after hoping to attract birds to window feeder, they don’t come.

It could be because of the type of feeder you choose, the bird food you filled, the location or placement of the feeder, the time of the year, or the landscape and safety of your yard.

How do you attract birds quickly?

It will require more than a few things.

  • Create a bird feeding station with a variety of feeders and add the right treats for the bird species you want to attract.
  • The location of your feeder is also crucial, and a birdbath is a plus.
  • Place some colors to enchant specific birds, like red for hummingbirds.
  • A birdhouse can encourage birds to stay longer and nest in your yard.

For a step-by-step guide, you can refer to the tutorial above.


Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to attract birds to a new feeder, expect some new arrival to your feeders. As long as you are patient, you can see the results with an increased population of your feathered neighbors.

If you tried the guide we have listed, let us know how it worked. For any helpful information, share them with us in the comment section. We love hearing from our readers!

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