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what does it mean when you dream about birds

Every so often, we’d dream about various things and scenarios. For example, many of us see birds in our dreams. The case could vary from time to time, varying from birds flying in groups, birds hatching, and even as specific as owls, eagles, and sparrows.

So, what does it mean when you dream about birds? The answer could be as positive as representing reaching your goals, hope, freedom, and joy or as unfavorable as anxiety, spiritual conflicts, or problems overwhelming your mind.

What Your Dream May Symbolize


Birds in your dreams can symbolize the following concept or ideas:

  • Seeing birds in your dream can signify your goals and aspirations, assuring you’re on the right track. Failures and problems may arise, but you’re not hopeless! You’ll get through it and achieve what you desire.
  • We often see birds flying freely from one place to another. Hence, dreaming of birds, especially those in flight, means freedom and independence. Think of it as the birds telling you to spread your wings and fly!
  • Dreaming about birds can also denote a change in your life, as favorable as success or as unfavorable as potential failure.
  • Birds in dream meaning also includes prosperity, although it doesn’t necessarily involve financial matters. It may imply an abundance of physical assets, achievements, good health, and lasting happiness.

1, Various Scenarios Involving Birds


If there’s a specific scenario in your dream involving birds, the following interpretations will help you gain insight into what it means.

  • If you’re a bird in your dream, you most likely desire to fly away from the troubles in life. However, treat this as a sign to deal with your problems instead of running from them.
  • Difficulties in life may manifest in dreams involving a bird unable to fly.
  • Birds falling from the sky may signify a rough period in your life.
  • Dreaming of a bird perched on your hand denotes the arrival of opportunities in your personal or professional life. Similar to how you’re carefully holding a bird in your hand, be careful with these opportunities, so you do not lose it.
  • If the bird is initially sitting on your hand and then flies away, this may mean a loss of opportunities, mistakes, and failures in your personal or professional life. If the bird returns, good news will come.
  • Birds flying in your dream depict freedom and independence, including the dreamer’s desire to attain liberty and experience emotional balance.
  • Birds flying in your house may signify freedom and security.
  • A flock of birds dream meaning might indicate the coming of opportunities in your personal or professional life or the desire to love and feel loved.
  • Hearing birds chirping in your dream denote freedom from the burden you’re facing, which can ultimately lead to happiness and harmony in life.
  • Dreams involving bird nests provide feelings of safety and security, much like how bird nests function in real life.
  • If there’s an empty bird nest in your dream, do not panic! You may face difficulties in life, often financially, but you’ll overcome them.
  • Similar to how bird eggs take a while to hatch, dreaming of a bird egg may implicate your need to be patient for things like success.
  • Dreaming of birds hatching from their eggs may signify the arrival of a long-awaited success, achievement, or opportunity.
  • Dreaming of a baby bird or hatchlings indicates new beginnings in life.
  • Unfortunately, dreaming of a bird in a cage may denote unpleasant scenarios, such as personal and professional problems, that will require you to wait momentarily for success to come.
  • Seeing a bird freed from its cage is a good sign! It symbolizes freedom, if not your desire to be free, a sign for you to fly away from your metaphorical cages in your life.
  • Dreaming about a pair of birds may indicate childbirth.
  • A wounded or injured bird can implicate opposition, problems, and difficulties which you’ll face soon. Meanwhile, dying birds sometimes mean hardships in life.
  • Disappointments in life may manifest in dreams involving a wound caused by a bird.
  • Catching a bird in your dream may symbolize prosperity.
  • If you dream of killing a bird, it’s time to realize you’re responsible for your words and actions and that you should be careful with how you communicate with others.
  • Potential threats in your life may manifest in dreams about birds attacking or pecking you.
  • Birds flying over your head can indicate a potential win over those you deem as rivals or opponents.
  • For many, bird pooping on you signifies good luck or fortune.
  • Dreaming of a dead bird involves your social relationships, and it’s time to offer your love and support to them. On the other hand, this dream may also mean getting rid of bad habits and disappointments that may come.

2, Birds, Their Colors, and What It Means to You


Here are the usual bird colors that appear in dreams, including their respective interpretation:

  • Black – bad news, often associated with sickness and death, but may also mean the beginning of focusing on one’s self
  • White Bird – harmony, love, and peace in life despite problems and unfavorable situations that may arise
  • Red – burning passion, but may also indicate dishonesty
  • Blue – success, and prosperity
  • Yellow – good news, happiness, and romance
  • Green – love, and acceptance for one’s self
  • Purple – realization of your potential
  • Colorful birds – great fortune, coming of opportunities

3, Based on the Dreamer

Dream interpretations may also vary from one dreamer to another.

  • Single – blooming romance, marriage
  • Married – the birth of a child
  • Parents – children’s bright future
  • Rich – financial problems
  • Poor – financial abundance

4, Based on Birds and Their Breeds

Have you ever dreamt of an owl, eagle, parrot, or hawk? Read on to see what those dreams mean to you.

  • Blackbird – demotivation, envy
  • Blue Jay – overconfidence
  • Buzzard – bad qualities, death
  • Canary – happiness, blossoming romance
  • Cardinal – achievements, happiness
  • Chickadee – consciousness in one’s self and surroundings
  • Chicken – cowardice, gossip
  • Crow – bad luck, death
  • Doves – love, peace, security
  • Duck – spirituality
  • Eagles – pride, courage, power
  • Falcon – concentrating on your goals and aspiration
  • Flamingo – concern about one’s physical appearance, cooperation
  • Goose – fellowship, fertility, motherly love
  • Hawk – suspicions
  • Hummingbird – afraid of commitment, hidden potential
  • Lovebird – the importance of communication in the relationship, romance
  • Mockingbird – independence
  • Nightingale – one-sided love, spiritual enlightenment
  • Ostrich – running away from reality
  • Owl – wisdom, virtue
  • Parrot – mockery, gossip
  • Peacock – new beginnings
  • Penguin – find emotional balance
  • Raven – betrayal, misfortune
  • Rooster – overconfidence, masculinity
  • Swan – grace, purity, wealth
  • Toucan – paradise, ease
  • Vulture – treat past experiences as valuable insight into the present and future.

Spiritual Meaning of Birds in Dreams


Biblically speaking, dreams about birds indicate peace and spiritual abundance.

On the other hand, this dream has an unlucky denotation in Hindu symbolism or immortality for many cultures and religions in the Middle East or Asia.

Why Do You Dream About Birds?

A person’s desires, fears, and worries may manifest in dreams. Since birds can do many things, their physical features and activities may symbolize the thoughts and feelings we unconsciously dwell on.

Which Set of People Tends to Dream About Birds More Often?

Anyone, regardless of age, sex, gender, and status in life, can dream about birds. If you have a lot of suppressed feelings or thoughts, whether positive or negative, you may find yourself dreaming about birds frequently.

Is There a Way to Avoid Dreaming About Birds?

There is no specific way to avoid dreaming about birds since it depends on your thoughts and feelings. However, avoiding seeing, reading, or watching anything related to birds before sleep can help stop bird-related dreams that night.


Dreaming about birds can signify many interpretations, from freedom, love, and tranquility, to loss of opportunities, troubles in life, and as worse as death. Regardless, it’s best not to let these interpretations of birds control how you live your life!

This article explored what does it mean when you dream about birds, including valuable information related to bird dreams. Feel free to share this article with others to help them understand what their dreams about birds mean!

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