How to Get a Bird Out of a Building in Only 5 Steps


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how to get a bird out of a building

Birds getting inside buildings or homes is not an unusual occurrence, but it actually poses some difficult tasks for some people. One of them is how to get a bird out of a building?

To get rid of these feathery creatures effectively, one must follow certain methods like identifying their location, clearing the area, closing windows and doorways, and opening the chosen exit point. To learn more, continue reading.


Guide to Get Birds Out of Building


If a bird suddenly swoops inside your building, don’t panic. Instead, prepare a clean cloth and follow these steps:

Step 1: Trace the location of the bird and clear the area

Immediately identify where the bird went and then clear the area by taking out your pets.

Also, turn off equipment or appliances like ceiling fans and stoves to make sure it is safe for the bird to fly around.

Remain as calm as possible and do not stress yourself. Tell yourself that you can handle the situation without being in a rush.

Step 2: Restrain the bird

Make sure to close all the doors in rooms and even the cabinet and drawers, where the bird might fly and hide.

Since avians move fast, doing this will ensure you won’t get tired from chasing them around your home.

Strictly keep the bird in the area where you found it before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Choose an accessible exit point for the bird

After blocking all the possible escape spaces, think of the nearest possible exit point where the bird can easily fly out.

If the bird is near a window or door, open it, but make sure that it will be the only entrance open to avoid confusing the bird.

Step 4: Try some tricks to lure a bird out of your house

If the bird remains in its position, you can switch off the lights and bring down the blinds. The bright light outside will then attract the bird and become an obvious exit point.

Step 5: The cloth method

Unfold a cloth and hold it while moving towards the bird. Corner the feather creature between yourself and the exit, then wait until the bird flies toward the planned direction and leaves.

Helpful Tips


What to do to get a bird out of your house with a high ceiling?

A bird trapped in house with a high ceiling will certainly attempt to escape. However, it will often fail and may harm itself in the process, so before you get rid of a bird in the house, see if the bird is injured or not.

If yes, and the bird is large, call animal rescue for assistance.

If the situation can still be handled by you, and the bird is not injured, follow the above steps.

Utilizing a ladder or another assistive device would be your last option. Make sure the foundation is sturdy so that you won’t fall when catching the bird. Use a glove or piece of cloth to hold the avian.

Bird’s feathers can be damaged easily, so try to avoid touching the bird with bare hands. Once captured, release it outside and close your window or door.

What to do to get birds out of warehouse or store?

Having these intruders in commercial properties like warehouses and stores can cause problems, but the problems can be halted by following the steps mentioned above.

I also recommend doing some fact check. Some species of birds are protected by the law, and learning what you can or cannot do with them will save you from legal troubles.

Make sure not to resort to poisoning and caging the bird. Aside from the fact that it is cruel, it will also not be effective if there is the presence of a nest or other hidden trapped birds.

What if I executed all these methods but still failed to get rid of the bird(s)?

By far, the best way to get a bird out of a store is by contacting a professional bird remover. It may be a local wildlife rehab center or pest control company that provides bird removal service.

The professionals have the best ideas and solutions out there that can help you keep avians out while following safety protocols and laws.

Your problems will not only be solved quickly, but the experts can also relocate and release these birds back into the wild where they belong.

How to make sure that birds will not be trapped and come back again?

  • Determine possible entry points

Close all doors and openings where birds may come through. You might dislike having your window shut, but it’s necessary, especially if avians have flown through it before.

  • Eliminate food and water sources

Food and water may attract birds, and eliminating them can prevent the birds from staying and coming back.

  • Vinyl strip doors can help

Installing vinyl strip doors can prevent birds from entering freely into the warehouse. These products also improve insulation, making them perfect for storage rooms.

  • Bird spikes installation

Having these will keep birds from landing on areas or surfaces like stock shelves that need to remain clean. Moreover, it can reduce nesting areas.


Learning how to get a bird out of a building can be challenging, but following all these well-planned steps and tricks can be worth it. Most importantly, you can expect a good outcome without causing significant harm to these creatures.

Still, getting help from professionals is considered the most reliable option to remove a bird without wasting lots of energy. Experts will not only solve your worries but also prevent them from occurring again.

Overall, we hope that you’ve got one less problem after reading this article.

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