How to Get a Bird Out of Your Garage? – 9 Easy Methods!


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how to get a bird out of your garage

Your garage is the safe place for your car. But when birds start to feel comfortable coming inside, then you’re faced with avian poops on your car, nests on your roof, and very likely a messy place. And you may think that shooing them away or shouting will get the job done. But when birds are in panic mode, they fly aimlessly and hurt themselves.

Though the avian species are creating a mess, it’s not right to let them get injured. There are simple methods on how to get a bird out of your garage. Let’s check them out.


How to Drive Birds Out of Your Garage


Birds don’t just come inside your garage for no reason. They enter because they may be looking for food, shelter, or a place to build their nests. And the fact is, some states prohibit the abuse of birds, so it’s best to be good to them.

But how to get a bird out of my garage without causing it harm? Let’s find out.

Method #1: Create an opening

The simplest method of driving birds from your garage is to open the door and windows. Sometimes, birds are trapped by accident and need a little help getting out.

So open your garage door and window without turning on the lights. The natural light outside will attract the avians and serve as a beacon for escape.

After you create an opening for the birds to get out, give them time to leave on their own. If the avians stayed after a couple of minutes, make a little noise. It will scare them a bit to leave.

Method #2: Trap and catch

Catching a bird to free it is not easy. That is why it’s wise to create a trap first. You need to make the bird feel comfortable inside the garage by turning off the lights and closing the entry point. But of course, I know exactly where the bird is located.

After a couple of minutes in darkness, the bird eases into a relaxed mode. Then slowly approach the bird and use either your hand, a fishing net, or a basket to catch the bird. Once the bird is secure, bring it outside and let it fly free.

Method #3: Paint garage door

To get birds out of garage, it’s essential to keep them out in the first place. The small avian species are scared of the owls and other predators such as cats and dogs. Therefore, you can paint your garage door with your chosen predator animal to scare the birds away.

Method #4: Remove nest

If the birds have already made a nest inside your garage, then removing it will drive the birds away. However, do not throw away the nest, especially if there are eggs or baby birds on it. You can bring the nest to a tree in your neighborhood or someplace safe.

At the same time, make sure that the parent birds can follow and see where you put their nests so they can take care of their family.

Method #5: Feed birds outside

Often, birds are in search of food that’s why they come to your garage. To draw them out, it is best to put water and food outside your garage.

Prepare the food inside the garage and bring the birdseed and water outside to make it more effective. Once all the birds are out, close all the windows and doors to prevent them from intruding again.

Method #6: Lure with vibrant colors

Another effective technique to get rid of birds in garage is to use bright colors. Birds are attracted to bright colors such as red, blue, pink, and orange. You can find items in your house with these colors, and bring them inside the garage.

Make sure that the birds see the bright-colored objects and slowly guide them towards the door.

Leave the vibrant items outside the garage door until all the birds are out. And then close the door and windows of the garage.

Method #7: Bird repellent spray

One of the easiest ways to drive birds from your garage is to use a bird repellent spray. There are many products available in the market, or you can make your own homemade concoction. You can use the spray whenever you see birds inside your garage, or you can use them daily to repel the avian species.

No matter what kind of bird repellent spray you opt to use, never spray them directly on the birds. Make sure that you aim at a distant space to avoid hurting the birds.

Method #8: Cover holes

Birds trapped in garage are often there because it’s nesting time. And so if you don’t want the avian species to build nests in your garage, cover all holes in the ceiling, wall, and floor. Eliminate the chances of nesting, so the birds will fly away to look for another place to start nesting.

Method #9: Utilize a rake

With the use of a rake, you can get birds out of your garage. Of course, don’t use it to hurt them. Hold the handle and point the rake at the bird, and wait patiently until the avian hops on the rake. When it does, slowly bring the rake with the bird on top outside the garage and set it free.

This method may or may not work. But it helps to put a couple of bird seeds on the rake to attract the bird. And make sure not to make a sound while you transport the bird out.

Why Should We Keep Birds Out of the Garage


Birds like to build nests inside a garage because they are far from the predators in the forest. They seek protection from the dangers of the world and temperatures, and so they often visit garages. And though the avian species are beautiful, they must be kept from your home for valid reasons.

  • Cleanliness – It is such a hassle to keep on cleaning your car due to bird poop.
  • Diseases – birds have pathogens that can cause diseases to humans through their feces and feathers.
  • Safety – having birds in your garage is not safe for you and for the birds. If the birds get startled, they fly erratically upwards without thought of finding the correct exit and get hurt.
  • Damages – Birds can surely cause a lot of damage to your garage. For instance, their poops can corrode metal. Plus, the feathers can clog your garage drain, stick on things, and get stuck on your vents.
  • Emotional strain – Birds can make people happy, but they can cause an emotional strain too. If you are constantly dealing with the mess that the birds leave, then the stress is not good for you.
  • Aesthetics – When placed in birdbaths, bird feeders, or bird cages, birds are good to look at. But if they invade your garage and make a lot of mess, then they hurt the aesthetics of your place.

There are indeed legitimate reasons to ensure that birds are driven from your garage. And there are wise methods as well on how you can do just that.


The methods we featured here effectively drive avians from your garage. These simple techniques will not harm the birds as you remove them from your place. However, if the bird problem is not resolved, then it’s time to contact animal control. But surely, any one of the mentioned methods will work on how to get a bird out of your garage.

We hope that you gained sufficient knowledge from this post. Kindly take the time to share this to your friends. And feel free to share with us your thoughts and experiences below.

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