How to Get Birds Out of My Chimney in a Safe Manner?


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how to get birds out of my chimney

Like humans, birds are living creatures that constantly search for ways to survive. And when the winter season comes, your chimney can become a safe haven for the avian species to roost and nest.

However, you need your flue to keep your house warm during cold nights. But, with birds staying in your chimney, it would be a bad idea to light a fire as you risk hurting the birds.

So how to get birds out of my chimney? Let’s find out.

Birds in Chimney Removal Methods


Keep in mind that not all birds in your flue get lost or trapped there against their will. There are actually birds who love chimneys, such as the Chimney swifts.

This kind of bird is protected by law, and so you or any professional chimney sweeper cannot hurt the Chimney swifts. But of course, there are safer ways to drive the birds living in chimney away.

Method #1: Show them the exit

With a conventional chimney, it’s actually easy to drive the avians away from your flue. You can simply show the birds where the exit is by allowing light to come through the chimney.

Do this by shutting off the lights inside your house, free up the chimney entrance, and open the nearest door. Birds are attracted to light, and they will fly towards the exit when everything else is dark.

Method #2: Bird Repellent Solution

Birds nesting in chimney are usually deterred by certain smells such as garlic, peppermint oil, chili pepper, and cayenne pepper. You can buy bird repellent solutions or make your own mixtures.

Simply mix the main ingredients with water or vinegar, let the solution ferment for a few hours, then spray them on the fireplace. It’s also best to use a bigger spray bottle to reach the insides of the chimney.

Method #3: Use noise

A bird trapped in chimney can be driven away by using noise as your weapon. Many people use a professional sound emitter, but you can also use kitchen pans to create loud noises. What you need to do is position your choice of noise sources at the bottom of the chimney, and turn them on.

However, you need to know that this method of getting rid of birds can be harmful for the unwanted visitors. Birds can hurt themselves in sudden flight while looking for the exit. So, make the noise moderate and in long intervals.

Method #4: Call a rehabilitator

If you’re wondering who to call to get bird out of chimney, you can get in touch with a licensed local avian rehabilitator. This process allows you to abide by the law of not hurting birds, especially the Chimney swifts.

The professionals have the capability, skills, tools, and resources to rehabilitate the avians in your flue. Sometimes the service is free, but there are also fees in some situations.

How to Figure Out If Birds Are in the Chimney?


Bird nest in chimney because they find flues comfortable and warm. But even if you adore birds, you cannot allow them to take over your chimney.

Avian species can leave a huge mess of droppings in your fireplace, and bird poop can bring diseases into your home. But how would you know if there are unwanted guests in your flue?

  • Bird noises – The most obvious sign of bird infestation in your flue are bird noises. If you can hear flapping sounds, chirping, or birds singing, then there are actually avians in your chimney.
  • Existence of bird poop – While setting up your fireplace, if you see bird droppings on the ground, that means there are birds roosting in your flue.
  • Actual sighting – Well, if you can actually see birds on top of your flue from outside your home, then that is a sure sign of the existence of birds in your flue.
  • Bad odor – One of the signs that there are birds in your flue is the bad smell that oozes from it. This could mean avians have died and got stuck inside the crevices or holes in your chimney.

Tips for Deterring Birds

The methods to get rid of birds in chimney are super effective and safe. But aside from actively driving the avians away from your flue, you can also prevent them from showing up. There are techniques to keep the birds from entering your chimney. Let’s check them out.

  • Chimney cap – To never wonder how long for a bird stuck in chimney to die, use a chimney cap. This tool has a double purpose.

It prevents the rain from entering your flue, and it keeps the birds away. The good news is, there are a variety of sizes and designs for chimney caps, so there is always one for your flue.

  • Chimney sweep – Once you’re absolutely sure there are no birds or nests left on your flue, perform a chimney sweep to completely get rid of the remaining soot, debris, and everything else left by the unwanted guests.

If there are no nests left, there is less reason for the birds to come back. Plus, it would help to spray a bird repellent solution on the inside walls for extra measure.

  • Bird spikes – To keep the birds away from your chimney, use bird spikes on top of your flue. These spikes make it super difficult for the avian species to land on your chimney and therefore, they cannot enter through this route.

When there are birds in chimney, removal is an essential process. But keep in mind that the law protects the birds, so consult the experts before you remove the nests. It would also help to clean your chimney regularly and have it inspected annually for bird infestation.


How to get birds out of my chimney? There are indeed multiple ways to do it. And you can try one or more of the techniques we’ve featured in this post.

The most important thing is, you must not use your flue while there are still birds nesting or roosting inside. Whether you drive the avians away or you contact a professional to do it, only fire up your chimney when there are no birds left.

We hope you gained new knowledge through this post. Kindly share this to your friends, and leave us your comments as well.

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