How to Get Rid of Birds in Attic with 4 Easy Methods!


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how to get rid of birds in attic

Birds perceive attics as safe places to build nests, stay warm in the winter, and to simply roost. But when the feathered creatures make a home in your attic, they leave a huge mess. So how to get rid of birds in attic?

There are numerous ways to do this, such as opening windows, making loud noises, and relocating the nests. But what you must never do is harm the birds.

If the bird infestation is too much to handle, contact a professional wildlife rehabilitator.

Getting Rid of Birds From House Attics

1. Materials Needed To Remove Birds From Attic

Removing birds from your home attic is tricky but not impossible. You can utilize a couple of tools to achieve your goal. And if none works, feel free to contact a professional.

  • Music device
  • Protective gear
  • Gloves
  • Cage
  • Net
  • Essential oils
  • Mesh
  • Bird gel
  • Bird tape
  • Decoys

2. Effective Methods On How To Free Attic From Birds

Attic noise is the primary indication of bird infestation in your loft. Leaving them alone is not a good solution, since they can stay for up to four months. And in that time frame, they can cause major havoc in your home in terms of diseases, noise, and property damage.

Fortunately, there are a couple of effective tactics on how you can have a bird-free attic. Let’s check them out.

  • Method #1: Open windows


When the attic smell becomes unbearable, you must open all the windows. This will help aerate your loft, as well as show the birds where the exit is.

This method should be done during the day. Turn off the lights in the attic, and open the windows.

The darkness in the loft will make the birds focus on the light coming from the outside. And since avians are attracted to light, they will follow it and leave your home.

Once the birds are gone, close your windows and make sure to not leave any entry point for them to come back.

  • Method #2: Relocate nest


To get birds out of attic, you must give them a reason not to come back. When the adult birds are foraging for food outdoors, relocate the nest.

Just make sure to wear protective gear and gloves in handling a nest with eggs or baby birds.

Place the nest nearby so the parents can find their young easily. Find a tree or shrubbery, and make it the new home of the feathered creatures.

  • Method #3: Set a trap

If a bird trapped in attic cannot get out, it may be confused. One way to help the avian get out is to set a trap. You can use a cage or a soft netting to perform this tactic.

The first thing you need to do is lure the bird to seeds inside a trapping cage or a net. And then bring the birds outside and set them free.

  • Method #4: Loud music


Loud music can scare birds out of attic. But before you turn on the music, open the windows first so they will have somewhere to go. Just make sure that the door is closed so the birds will not enter your home afterwards.

To effectively do this method, stealthily place a music device that you can control inside the loft. And then get out of the attic, and turn the music on.

You’ll hear the fluttering of avians, but wait until the coast is clear before you come inside and check.

Prevention Techniques on Keeping Birds From Your Attic


Bird infestation removal techniques are essential to make your attic free from avians. However, it’s also crucial to learn methods on how to prevent birds from entering your loft.

Once your attic is fool-proof from avians, then you can sleep peacefully without worrying about damages, smell, or noise.

  • Install mesh – Seal all the windows, holes, and potential entrances in your attic.
  • Place bird tape – Reflective tapes deter birds, so place them outside your attic.
  • Use bird gel – Bird gel products are effective repellents that will keep avians from coming into your loft.
  • Utilize decoys – Predator decoys have always been effective in scaring avians. Place a few on your attic window.
  • Spray essential oils – The smells of peppermint, cayenne pepper, and garlic are hated by birds. Spray these on your attic windows.

By following the preventative techniques, you’ll never have to remove birds from roof because they won’t come again. You’ll also avoid the cost and effort of bird attic removal.

When to Ask for Professional Help

If you have done everything you can in terms of getting rid of birds but they still keep coming back, then it’s time to ask for professional help. You can always get in touch with a local wildlife rehabilitator to help you out.

The bird removal from attic cost differs, so it’s wise to do your research first prior to calling a professional.

The most important thing is whether you eliminate attic avians on your own or through professional help, cleaning up is essential. Remove all remnants of the birds, bleach your whole attic, and spray bird repellents.

Why Birds Love Your Attic

In winter, birds seek warmth in attics, and during the breeding season, they like to start a family in the unused space of a house. And when they simply want to rest, they like attics too.

Finches, pigeons, starlings, swallows, and sparrows are the most common birds that love to make attics as their home. This is mainly because attics are secluded spaces where humans store things that they rarely use. And they are mostly locked and not visited by the homeowners often.

Birds can stay for months inside your attic without starving, and they have access to food for their baby avians. And though allowing the feathered creatures to live in your loft helps with their survival, getting rid of birds in attic must be your top priority.

Reasons for Removing Birds From Attic


Birds in the attic are not good for your home. You may have stored all the things that are sentimental in your upper loft. And having birds there can destroy your kept items. There are reasons to get rid of the attic birds, such as:

  • With birds in attic health risk is high because of the potential diseases that their droppings bring.
  • Birds can leave scratches on your floor, furniture, and other things in the attic.
  • Avian poop is messy, and they can stick to all items in your loft.
  • Birds can bring parasites into your home such as bird mites, fleas, and ticks.
  • After the breeding season, you are left with messy nesting materials.
  • Not all baby birds survive and fly away. Dead birds emit foul odor, and so do bad eggs.
  • Chirping sounds are noisy, and they usually go on throughout the day and night.

Indeed, you have more than enough reasons to get birds out of roof space. For your own peace of mind, peaceful existence, and preservation of your things, removing avians from your attic is the best course of action.


The tactics we featured here on how to get rid of birds in attic are super effective. You can try one or all, but make sure to follow the preventative measures to keep your attic bird-free. And if things get worse for some reason, know that you can contact a wildlife rehabilitator or a professional bird remover.

We aim to be informative about the ways to drive birds from your loft. Hopefully, we succeeded. Kindly help us spread this post on social media. And if you have new ideas or thoughts about this topic, please let us know.

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