How to Get Rid of Birds on Your Roof? (Quick & Easy Tips)


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how to get rid of birds on your roof

Getting rid of birds on roof is quite a tedious task to undergo. As many bird species make their way into the urban environment, it’s no surprise to find them nesting alongside our own homes. There’s no shortage of these feathered companions anywhere.

They are generally harmless; however, when multiple and continuous occupancy takes over the household, health problems may arise.

The amount of produce these birds can create may also cause lung irritation, among other systemic crises that may eventually become evident. Knowing well how to get rid of birds on your roof may just save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Ways to Keep Birds Away From Roof


Oftentimes, heavy bird presence in one’s home doesn’t really bother anyone until you see the damages it brings, both to the property and the health of the household members.

They are usually lured by the availability of food sources in the area and nesting sites, among others.

What to prepare


To get birds out of your roof, you must be equipped with the proper tools. Among the best repellents are the following:

  • Spices strong spices like pepper, chili powder, and cinnamon can help turn them away by irritating their sense of smell. This tactic, however, needs repeated application as it can be readily washed out by a strong rush of air or heavy rain.
  • Decoy predator statues – These can take the form of lightweight kites or scarecrows. They work by activating the formed fear of birds against these prey. These scare pigeons away from roof.
  • Gel or honey – Sticky substances can repel birds due to their slipperiness. This method, however, works only temporarily and may need continuous follow-up.

How to get rid of birds naturally


There are numerous effective ways of removal of birds from roofs, especially pigeons. Among them, the following are the top tips on how to keep pigeons off your roof.

  • Recognize where birds flock – recognition is the first step to solving an existing problem. Knowing the exact sweet spot to attack in order to keep birds off your roof is crucial.
  • Take away bird food sources – among the main reasons why birds flock on roofs, from inside roofs, or anywhere from house, is the availability of food resources. Removing these sources will immediately make the area unattractive to flock into and hinder breeding potentials.
  • Install bird spikes – putting up bird spikes on light lamps or electric poles will put off birds both in mornings and at night. Just be extra careful when setting this up since these spikes may be quite difficult to handle.
  • Provide pigeon traps – these traps are medium to large cages that allow pigeons to easily slide into it. Luring them inside with their favorite food, which they cannot resist, is the way to go. This can make bird deterrent for roofs.
  • Remove their perches – Get rid of birds’ nests by removing any perches that are visible in your roof. You don’t want any pigeons or crows getting comfortable around house.
  • Use reflective tools and surfaces – playing around with light and reflective surfaces can ruin a bird’s eyesight. Doing so can distract birds making noise on roof and make them more susceptible to danger as it will become difficult to process and focus on imminent threats from afar.

Frequently Asked Questions


Nesting birds on your roof might sound adorable at first, but their presence might just cause you a headache sooner or later. The following are the most frequently asked questions on how to get birds off your roof.

Are birds bad for your roof?

Having a heavy presence of birds on your roof or living in walls around your house can impose a lot of problems when not addressed. They can damage your property and expose family members to potential health hazards with their accumulated produce.

In fact, pigeons’ droppings can carry cryptococcus neoformans, a fungi that can cause severe meningitis, a condition where in the layer of your brain becomes inflamed. Gastrointestinal problems may also arise by accidental contact with contaminated matter from these birds.

What attracts birds to your roof?

There are numerous things that attract birds to your roof. Still, the two main reasons are

  • (1) the availability of food sources
  • (2) potential nesting areas

Any roof with close access to a yard full of insects or rodents that they can feed on becomes instantly attractive to birds.

Some birds, like pigeons and crows, tend to find safe nesting areas that lack predators. This same reason makes a good decoy of birds’ prey effective to keep crows off your roof and keep birds from nesting under roof.

How do you permanently scare birds away?

You can permanently scare sparrows away by using bird traps, shiny objects and surfaces, installing bird spikes, and creating decoy predator statues. Perching flags on your roofs or nearby postings might be the most available method you can employ.

Installing deterrents on nearby plants also works. Make it less appealing for birds to flock by. You can always call for professional help when you think things are already getting way out of hand. They will know what to do best in those scenarios.


There are countless ways on how to get rid of birds on your roof, how to get rid of birds nest, and the effectiveness may vary depending on how the method was employed and its follow-ups. Although having birds perched on your roof is often harmless, it is undeniable that their eventual heavy presence imposes a great risk to your household in general.

Addressing this concern promptly will save you a lot of trouble in the days, weeks, and months to come. You can always try a do-it-yourself approach or ask for professional help right away. Either way, it will help you fix the problem at hand.

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