How to Keep Birds From Pooping on My Porch? – 13 Methods


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how to keep birds from pooping on my porch

Birds are lovely, but their poop is a nuisance. The avian species are fond of hanging out in porches then leaving their waste behind. And so, it is essential to learn how to keep birds from pooping on my porch. That is what we will discuss in this post.

Remember that birds are finicky creatures, and it is easy to scare them away. But if you have no intention of repeatedly shooing birds away from your porch, then other solutions are necessary.


Effective Methods of Repelling Birds From Your Patio


So, how to keep birds from pooping on your porch? Easy.

There are seamless solutions to this problem, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve a good result. We will present a couple of methods that are proven to be effective in repelling birds.

You have an option to follow one strategy or try them all. The good news is these methods allow you to say goodbye to cleaning after bird poop. So hop on, and let’s get started.

Method #1: Bird Repellent Spray

The best way to repel birds from your porch is to spray a bird repellent solution. You can create your mix of homemade repellent sprays.

The best is a concoction of chili peppers and apple cider.

  • Simply mix 4 dozens of chili peppers and 1 gallon of water, and leave it under the sunlight for days.
  • And then, pour one cup of apple cider, mix, and transfer to a spray bottle.

There are also other bird repellent sprays in the market that you can purchase. Spray your preferred solution at every corner of your porch.

Method #2: Remove open water source

Birds are attracted to water. That’s why many avian lovers install birdbaths in their homes. So you need to remove any standing water or open water source on or near your porch. This is another method to keep birds away from patio.

Plus, removing any open water makes sure that mosquitoes cannot infest your porch.

Aside from standing water, check also for pooling water after rain. Birds and bugs can frequently visit the water pools, so eliminate them. Plus, open water can cause a foul odor. Without standing water and pooling water, your porch looks cleaner.

Method #3: Hang shiny objects

The avian species are scared of shiny objects due to their ability to reflect light. And so, it is ideal for hanging shiny decorative items on your patio.

You can easily keep birds away through hanging reflective CD decor, spiral metallic rods, little mirrors, shiny butterfly-shaped or other shapes objects, glassy balls, and other glossy items perfect for porch decor.

The best part to hang these shiny items is at the entry point of your patio. Adding such decor can add beauty to your home.

Method #4: Predator animal statues

Birds are fearful creatures that are afraid of large predators. And so it makes sense to use this knowledge to get rid of birds pooping on patio. Purchase a couple of animal statues that birds are frightened of, such as cats, big birds, owls, dogs, and other predator animal statues.

However, relocate the placement of the animal replicas every few days. The birds must not get used to them because if they do, they will not be scared of them anymore. The idea here is to trick the avians into believing that the animal statues are real.

Method #5: Remove certain colors

There are certain colors that birds are attracted to, and it’s ideal for removing them from your porch. Let’s take a look at particular shades to eliminate from your patio, depending on the bird species.

  • Hummingbird – red, orange, pink, and yellow
  • Orioles – orange
  • Warblers – yellow
  • Goldfinches – yellow
  • Bluebirds – blue
  • Jays – blue
  • Doves – brown and gray
  • Ground feeding birds – brown and gray

To prevent birds from visiting your porch and pooping, do not display colors that they like. Avoid using these colors for your door, furniture, tapestries, decorations, and porch paint.

Method #6: Place mothballs

Mothballs efficiently repel avians and stop birds from pooping on my porch. They cannot stand the smell of mothballs, so try it out.

However, mothballs have a foul smell, so keep them in the outer spaces of your porch. Also, make sure that you place these items where children cannot reach them.

Method #7: Use reflective tape

If you consider hanging objects and using predator animal replicas to be messy, then there is another cleaner method. Purchase reflective tape and place them on some portions of your porch.

A reflective tape is weather-resistant, and it is durable. You can simply cut strips of the tape and place them strategically on the front portion of your patio.

Method #8: Bright white paint

A patio is a beautiful place, and it’s the first thing people see. And so it’s your right to color it as you wish. However, if you want to keep birds off porch, it is highly recommended to paint your patio with a bright white shade. Avians hate this color, and they would surely stay away if they saw this hue.

However, if you cannot stand a whole bright white-colored porch, choose certain parts to paint. For example, have a bright white fence, wall, or furniture. You can also opt for white pinwheels, wind chimes, and other white decors.

Method #9: Use noise

Noise is another thing that the birds cannot stand. It’s a great idea to play loud music on your porch, at appropriate times, of course. But since this method works only while music is playing, another option is to use wind chimes. Wind chimes are not loud, but they keep on producing sound as long as there is wind.

Additionally, you can opt for an ultrasonic sound system. This device generates super high-pitched noise that birds hate so much. But the good news is, the noise is not detectable to people.

Method #10: Eliminate potential nesting spaces

Birds require nesting places to survive. If you wish to drive avians away from your patio, eliminate potential nesting spaces. Repair floor crevices and holes since they are attractive spots for nesting. Cover up everything that can possibly let birds create a home on your porch.

Aside from keeping birds away, repairing holes make your patio look good. So go ahead and check for crevices in your porch floor or wall.

Learn more 7 effective tips to keep birds from nesting on porch here.

Method #11: Install spinning pinwheels

Pinwheels are fun, especially for kids. And they can also be the perfect tool to deter birds away from your deck. Birds are frightened by fast motion, and pinwheels can achieve your desired result. Place the spinning pinwheels on your fence, railing, and other suitable places on your patio.

Method #12: Redirect the birds

Another effective method to get rid birds on porch is to redirect them. If you have enough yard space, install a birdbath, bird feeder, or birdhouse to lure the birds there. This way, your porch is free of the avian species, but you can still enjoy the sight of birds on your property.

Method #13: Run a fishing line

One of the reasons birds find it easy to poop on your deck is the accessibility of the railing.

Fix this issue by running a fishing line above the deck railing. Keep a distance of two inches from the top of the railing to make this strategy more effective. A fishing line keeps the birds out balanced, so they cannot land properly on your porch.

By running a fishing line, the birds will no longer want to come to your deck. And so there will be no poop to clean up anymore.

Why Keep Birds Away From Your Patio


Keeping birds away from your deck is more than just ensuring the cleanliness of your porch. No matter how amazing birds are, their poop carries diseases harmful to humans. These diseases are:

  • E Coli – can lead to food poisoning and issues with the digestive tract
  • Psittacosis – infectious disease with flu-like symptoms
  • Cryptococcosis – can cause infection to the lungs
  • Salmonellosis – causes digestive tract problems and food poisoning
  • Candidiasis – leads to fungal infection
  • Histoplasmosis – brings in fungal infection, lung complications, and respiratory distress

Bird poop can make you and your family sick. And so it is right to drive them away, especially if you have children at home.


As evident in this post, there are indeed so many ways that you can shoot birds from your deck. And now that you know how to keep birds from pooping on my porch, we hope you can share this article with your friends. Also, feel free to share what you think, and let us know if you have other useful ideas.


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