How to Keep Birds Off Outdoor Lights? (11 Effective Methods)


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Are birds frequently visiting your outdoor lights? They could be thinking about building nests on your porch. Or, you may be annoyed by their droppings. Whatever frustrates you about avians on your property, there are multiple tactics on how to keep birds off outdoor lights.

You can hang bird deterrent objects on your porch lights, spray solutions that avians hate, use a sonic sound emitter, and other methods. 

But, the tactics to drive avians away must be safe. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to harm birds.

Items Needed to Keep Birds From Visiting Porch Lights

giữ-chim-tắt-đèn chiếu sáng

To successfully deter birds from making a mess on your porch, you can use one or some of the following items.

  • Bird repellent spray
  • Shiny objects
  • Pets
  • Predator decoys
  • Wind chimes
  • Aluminum foil or plates
  • Bird netting
  • Bird spikes
  • Ultrasonic repeller
  • Gel repellent
  • Insect repellent

Effective Methods to Drive Birds From Outdoor Lights 

Birds are fascinating creatures, but their droppings and left-over feathers are not. You’ve done everything you could to beautify your porch, and it’s a shame to have birds ruin your deck. Once avians start coming to your outdoor fixtures, mess begins to show.

Lights have always attracted birds. But of course, you shouldn’t remove your porch lights just to keep feathered creatures away. There are efficient tactics that you can try on your porch to keep birds off light fixtures.

Method #1: Spray bird deterrent solutions


Bird repellent sprays are highly effective in driving passerines away from your porch. You can create your own concoction or purchase one from a pet store.

Deterrent solutions are usually a fusion of chili peppers, garlic, cayenne pepper, and essential oils with apple cider vinegar and water.

Once you find the right solution, spray it on your outdoor lights. Birds will never come near your deck fixtures once you use it.

Method #2: Cover lights with bird netting

đèn ngoài trời chống chim

To keep birds from nesting on porch light, you must secure all entrances to the fixtures. Use a bird netting to enclose the outdoor lights so the birds cannot enter and build a nest.

However, make sure to opt for a nonflammable material.

Using a net is quite effective, but doing so can depreciate the beauty of your porch lights.

Choose a material that complements your outdoor fixtures instead of ruining the view. Good news is, you would only need the netting during the bird breeding season.

Method #3: Install an ultrasonic repeller 

An ultrasonic avian repeller is a great option in keeping birds away from your lights. This device is perfect for deterring birds, but humans cannot hear any sound from it.

But don’t worry, this item is not super expensive. Buy a low-range ultrasonic repeller that is enough to cover your whole porch.

You can also go for a product that has a motion sensor. This means that when birds are near your property, the ultrasonic repeller is activated.

Place this device beside your porch lights, and no bird will ever perch or nest on your fixture again.

Method #4: Hang predator decoys

To successfully keep birds from building nests on outdoor lights, scare them away. You know that birds are frightened of large predators, so take advantage of this fact.

Hang predator decoys such as plastic owls, snakes, hawks, and cats. Opt for life-size decoys, and make sure to change their positions at least twice a week.

The point is, don’t let the birds get used to the appearance of the predator decoys.

Method #5: Place bird spikes 

tổ chim-trong-ngoài-ánh sáng-cố định

Bird spikes can efficiently deter birds from perching on your outdoor lights. This product comes in varying sizes, and choosing the length plays a huge role in your success.

Note that the spikes should be longer than the bird legs. Simply use a tape or adhesive to attach the bird spikes on top of the porch fixtures.

Method #6: Use aluminum foil


In order to bird proof outdoor lights, cut strips of aluminum foil and hang them beside your lights. You can also utilize aluminum plates around your porch fixtures.

Alternatively, place aluminum foil on top of the outdoor lights. Birds hate the feel of aluminum foil on their feet, so they’ll stay clear of your house.

Method #7: Utilize shiny objects


Shiny objects such as CDs, mirrors, and disco balls are quite effective in deterring birds from your outdoor fixtures.

Tap into your artistic heart and design the placement of shiny items that will accentuate the beauty of your porch.

You can hang the CDs, small mirrors, or disco balls near your porch lights. Or you can paste them on the walls. Find ways to make the new adornments look appealing instead of ruining your architectural theme.

Method #8: Make use of wind chimes

đèn dừng-chim-từ-làm-tổ-trên-hiên-nhà

Wind chimes are a fusion of obstruction and sound, and both scare birds. By placing this product beside your outdoor lights, passerines will not come near your deck anymore.

Just make sure to install one wind chime for each porch fixture. The good thing is, wind chimes are music to the ears of humans. They will even help you and your kids sleep better at night.

Method #9: Unleash dogs and cats

giữ-chim-khỏi-pooping-trên-hiên nhà của bạn

A bird nest in outdoor light fixture is a nuisance. Thankfully, you can take advantage of your pet dogs and cats to solve this problem.

What you need to do is unleash your dogs onto your porch and watch out for birds. You can also let your cat hang out on your deck to scare passerines away.

This method may be concerning to you since your pets can actually hurt the birds. But most of the time, fowls don’t come near places where dogs and cats are stationed. So you can put your mind at ease.

Method #10: Place gel repellent

A gel repellent is a long-lasting solution to your bird problem. This product is sticky to the touch, and so birds hate to step on it. Simply splash a generous amount of gel repellent on your porch lights.

Just make sure the substance is non-toxic and not too sticky that the birds can’t get off it.

Method #11: Get rid of insects 

All birds like insects, and they can find plenty buzzing around your porch fixtures. Once your deck lights are turned on, bugs, flies, and moths will come. And birds like to feed on them, so they’ll come to your porch.

So get rid of all the insects on your porch lights by spraying insect repellents.

Strategic Positioning of Birdbath and Feeder

You like birds: That’s why you have a birdbath and feeder on your property. But your attempt to lure birds to your yard can have unforeseen consequences. Once passerines feel comfortable in your property, they’ll surely go beyond your birdbath and feeder.

And since they are intelligent creatures, they can easily find your porch fixtures. When they do, they’ll be attracted to the lights and will soon be perching and nesting. This is especially true if your birdbath and feeder are near your deck.

To prevent a messy porch, relocate your birdbath and feeder. Place them far away from your porch, such as in your backyard. This is an efficacious tactic to keep birds off string lights and other types of bright fixtures.

When to Contact a Professional for Help

If you have no time to stop birds from nesting on porch light due to your hectic work schedule, then calling for professional help is wise. Always remember that harming birds is illegal and you can face legal charges if you kill them.

Moreover, if you’re not sure if you can handle driving passerines from your outdoor lights, contact a local wildlife professional. These experts have the tools and knowledge to keep your deck bird-free. And they’re extremely efficient with their jobs.


We have featured the best tactics on how to keep birds off outdoor lights. It’s wise to prevent the nesting of birds on your porch fixtures than deal with the consequences. That’s why the methods listed on this post are your best chances.

It’s our sincere hope that you gained new knowledge from the tactics we offered. Kindly take the time to share this post to your friends and your social media. And if you have additional ideas, please let us know. We love to hear what you think.

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