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how to keep birds out of trees over driveway

Birds are great in the garden, flitting about feeders and splashing in bird baths. However, they are not so great when they hang out in trees over the driveway! Aside from pooping on cars, they can also get very noisy.

But how to keep birds out of trees over driveway? The best way is to prune your tree regularly, but you can also install shiny objects, decoy predators, bird spikes, bird netting, and spray bird repellents.

Read on to learn why they like roosting in trees in the first place, the cost of having them removed, and much more.

Ways to Keep Birds Out of Trees Over Driveway


Here are some of the best bird deterrent ideas from the experts.

Natural methods

These methods target a bird’s instincts, from its perching habits to its survival instinct. They are contactless and, at most, will only scare away birds without any additional harm!

1. Prune your tree regularly


The most effective way to discourage birds from roosting in your tree is by pruning it regularly.

Birds love horizontal branches that are easy to perch and build nests on. Meanwhile, they tend to avoid slanting branches for the opposite reason.

Limiting the number of branches on your tree, particularly their favorite flat ones, discourages birds from turning it into a meeting area.

2. Hang shiny objects


Birds are afraid of shiny, reflective objects. Or rather, to be more precise, the sunlight that reflects off these objects startles them.

Hang old CDs, aluminum baking trays, strips of reflective tape, and even shiny ribbons on your tree to keep birds away.

Moving and shiny things are even better. Consider finding a shiny pinwheel and installing them in your branches!

3. Install decoy predators


Fake predators such as owls and hawks and even rubber snakes may work to keep birds out of bushes. Certain birds fear certain predators more. For example, Linfield College researchers discovered that decoy owls work best against songbirds.

For best results, add movement. Consider installing a predator kite, hanging your decoy by a string, or regularly changing the position of your “predator.”

4. Hang garden balls


An alternative to hanging a fake predator is simply hanging “garden balls.” These balloons with predator-like eyes scare birds away as they sway and bounce in the wind. You can make these balloons or find several available on the market.

5. Make a homemade bird-repellent spray


Though not often discussed, birds have good senses of smell. So one way to naturally deter birds is to spray homemade solutions with infused scents they dislike.

Scents that will keep birds away include

  • Peppermint
  • Peppers, notably chili and cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Vinegar

Each species has its own “most disliked smell.” Consider learning about the birds in your area first to be able to decide the most effective recipe to use!

Physical barriers

Physical barriers are the best bird repellent if birds still stubbornly visit your tree.

1. Install nets


Birds won’t perch on your tree if they can’t get on it! Bird netting over your tree is guaranteed to keep the birds away.

While it’s possible to cover entire small fruit trees, it’s enough to cover the leaves and branches. Alternatively, you can simply place nets for trees fruits, which may be less effective.

However you decide to net your trees, pick the proper mesh and net size. Incorrectly sized holes could be fatal for visiting birds!

2. Place bird spikes


Another physical barrier that can keep birds away is bird spikes. You can purchase some online or make your own using tin or plastic cans.

However, note that you should never install sharpened bird spikes over deck since these can seriously hurt birds.

3. Professional Solutions


If all else fails, you can always rely on the experts to handle the job. If you are reaching desperation, call your local pest control to get rid of your birds.

Products for Keeping Birds Out of Trees Over Driveways


If you are willing to spend, several products can help you with your bird problem. Here are some of them.

1. Chemical bird sprays

If your homemade bird repellents aren’t working, consider buying chemical bird sprays to make a stronger statement to your avian visitors.

However, always check the ingredients to ensure no harmful ingredients can affect your plants or family.

2. Avian block pouches

Avian Block Pouches contain safe bird-repelling chemicals and are extremely easy to install. All you need to get rid of noisy birds is hang them on your branches!

3. Ultra-sonic sound repellent

Another viable option is bird sound deterrent for the trees. Ultrasonic sound repellers emit high frequency sounds too high for humans to hear, but irritating for animals.

4. Low-current electric barrier

Low-current electric barriers are upgraded bird spikes. These products send tiny electric shocks to anything that touches them, enough to jolt but not harm.

This barrier will definitely prevent bird poop on car. However, it can be an expensive investment.

Why Do Birds Like to Roost in Trees Over Driveway?

You can often find bird on tree over the driveway for two main reasons.

  • First is safety. By roosting in trees at night, birds are safe from predators and extreme weather conditions.
  • Second, there is food and water nearby. You may have bird feeders installed or that your tree is bearing fruit.

Unfortunately, you can’t limit your birds to staying only in your yard where your bird bath and feeders are. Birds will fly wherever they want to!

The Risks of Roosting


Birds are lovely to have in your yard until they become a nuisance. Birds that roost in trees over driveways can become very noisy, especially if entire flocks come and go.

There are also potential health risks involved. Bird poop, unfortunately, can be hazardous–but it’s challenging to stop birds from pooping on my car.

It’s best to stop birds from pooping on my driveway as soon as possible using the listed suggestions above.

Lastly, birds in trees are unsafe, especially those that build nest in trees, lay eggs, and raise young. Their eggs or chicks can fall out anytime and be hurt by passing cars!

When Should I Call a Professional?

By law, you cannot trap or kill birds. Call a professional to handle the situation and install driveway deterrents if you’ve tried everything, but the birds still come.

Maintenance Tips to Prevent Birds From Returning


The best maintenance tip to stop birds sitting in my tree is to prune your tree regularly. If there is no place for birds to perch, they will not come.

This method is the best way and the most sustainable, unless you don’t mind regularly spraying repellent or readjusting your decoys for years down the road.

Alternatively, you can remove your feeders and bird baths, but it will be difficult to coax birds back again if you have a change of heart.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does bird repellent last?    

Homemade sprays need to be reapplied every 3-5 days.

Stronger chemical sprays must be reapplied more often in the beginning, about twice a week for two weeks. After a month or two, though, you can lessen the application to once a month since birds are likely to have received your message.

How much does it cost to keep birds out of trees over the driveway?         

Many people wonder, “How much do I need to get rid of birds in my driveway?”

It depends on your method to scare off birds! Homemade solutions can be free if you use what you have lying around, while chemical products cost over $20 for a bottle.

Lastly, hiring a pest control service can cost between $300-$500


Noisy birds may be irritating, but there are many solutions you can try before moving into another house.

How to keep birds out of trees over driveway is simple, with most solutions only requiring things you have at home. Only in extreme cases will you need to call for professional help.

If your main concern is birds pooping on your car, don’t forget that it’s not just about the birds–you can find a solution for your car too! Thankfully, car covers are cheap and easily found!

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