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how much does a parakeet cost at petco

Over 24 million customers have trusted Petco for their pets and pet care necessities, including food, toys, and shelter.

How much does a parakeet cost at Petco? Regular parakeets (green, blue, and fancy) are typically available between $30-$50, while Quaker parrots at Petco go for $500!

However, note that parakeets are only available as in-store purchases and depend on availability per branch. It is not possible to get parakeets from Petco via sale online. However, you can still browse the options and visit the store to pick your favorite.

Types of Parakeets Available at Petco

Parakeets or “budgies” are considered the best pet birds because they are easy to love and care for. The Petco parakeets price is also known for being extremely affordable!

Petco carries four parakeet species, namely the fancy, green, blue, and Quaker.

1. Fancy Parakeets


Fancy parakeets are one of the lowest Petco bird prices at $29.99. Despite their name, they are just regular parakeets that happen to have prettier, more unusual feather colors.

Petco’s fancy parakeet section also houses some other uncommonly colored parakeets, such as albino or lutino (yellow-tinged) budgies.

2. Green Parakeets


Green parakeets are the most commonly found budgie, alongside blue parakeets. $49.99 is the typical green budgies cost at Petco.

They are known to be extremely smart and very friendly. They are also easy to care for and are not picky eaters – they eat almost anything from seeds and plants to fruits and vegetables.

If kept healthy, pet parakeets are known to live up to 15 to 20 years – almost long enough to keep your newborn company until they leave for college!

3. Blue Parakeets


Blue parakeets, like green parakeets, are commonly found and available for $49.99 at Petco. They generally match all other characteristics of other parakeets, including preferred diet and average life span.

Blue feathers are one thing, but did you know? If you notice a bluish area around your parakeet’s nostrils, that’s actually a sign that they are male.

Female parakeets tend to have a whitish-brownish area around their nostrils instead.

4. Quaker Parakeets


Quaker parakeets or “monk parakeets/parrots” are by far the most demanding of the group, both in terms of money and effort. The Quaker parrot price Petco is $499.99!

Unlike the other three, Quaker parakeets are very needy. They demand a lot of attention and toys for them to chew and keep them entertained. They also need a more varied and slightly more expensive diet than regular budgies.

However, the trade-off is worth the parrots’ cost at Petco: Quaker parakeets tend to live longer (between 20-30 years), and are known as excellent talkers!

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Other Costs of Parakeets


It’s one thing to have bought your pet budgies Petco – now you need to provide it with ample shelter, food, toys, and other necessities.

While there is a big price range available for all these accessories, here is a rough price guide for your reference, still based on Petco prices:

Cage Between $30-350 dollars, depending on size and material.
Bird Cage liner Around $10.
Perches Anywhere from $2.50 to $40. You can also make your own perch!
Toys Anywhere from $2 to $350, depending on how many toys and how sophisticated.
Seed Mix Between $10-30, depending on the food included, the amount – and how much your parakeet loves to eat!
Food and Water Bowl Around $10.
First Aid Kit $29.97 on Amazon (not available on Petco)

What to Look Out for When Buying a Parakeet


How do you know if the parakeet you are about to bring home is healthy? Here are a few things to look out for whether looking at Petco or Petsmart birds:

  • A friendly and alert disposition: Healthy parakeets are happy parakeets! If the budgie is lethargic or seemingly not interested in you, there might be a problem.
  • Tidy feathers: Feathers should look neat and tidy, showing that the parakeet is in good health. Think twice if the budgie’s feathers are messy or if some seem to be missing!
  • Easy breathing: Check the budgie doesn’t seem to be wheezing or having any trouble breathing.
  • Clear eyes: Clear eyes are always a sign of good health!
  • Clean nostrils and beak: In particular, make sure there is no mucus or dried crusting on them.
  • Count their toes: Budgies should have four toes, two facing forward and two facing backward. Check also if the legs look swollen in any way, since this may be a symptom of an underlying disease.

Frequently Asked Questions


How old are the parakeets for sale at Petco? 

Parakeet birds at Petco are typically between 2-3 months old. It is rare to find parakeets younger than 8 weeks old since that is the age when they are weaned.

Should you want, however, they can order parakeets as young as 6 weeks old at Petsmart.

How do you buy a parakeet at Petco?

Parakeets for sale Petco are only available for in-store purchase and are not available online. They are also subject to availability, so there may be times certain species won’t be on sale.

It is recommended that you call Petco stores near you before going first to ensure your desired parakeet is on hand.

Can you return or exchange a parakeet at Petco?

You can return pets to Petco within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund as long as the pet is not sick or injured.

If your pet is sick or injured, Petco will still accept the pet back but may give you only a partial refund.

Can you return or exchange pet accessories at Petco?

You are allowed to return accessories such as cages and food bowls at Petco within 30 days of purchase and upon showing your proof of purchase.

However, if your item is opened, used, or damaged, Petco reserves the right to refuse to give the customer a refund.


Parakeets are a great choice for aspiring pet owners. They are loving, spunky birds that may even talk with you, depending on the species you get.

They are also great simply because of their price. How much does a parakeet cost at Petco? Less than $100, already including all its necessities!

Besides, if it doesn’t work out, you also have the peace of mind of knowing you can return the bird within 30 days – but we hope you don’t. We hope you build a wonderful relationship with your pet and spend the next two to three decades with them.

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