How to Stop Birds From Chirping at Night? – 5 Solutions


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how to stop birds from chirping at night

Birds are our cute feathered friends, but once they chirp like crazy in the middle of the night, they instantly become our sleep nemesis. So, you are probably wondering how to stop birds from chirping at night.

In this article, we will explore some reasons why bird won’t stop chirping outside at night and offer solutions so that you needn’t worry about waking up to their songs.

Keep reading to learn more.

We have prepared 5 clever ways to make birds stop chirping at night for you to choose from. Whether it is your pet or wild birds that are chirping loudly, the following choices would definitely improve your sleep.

5 Solutions to Stop Birds From Chirping at Night

Solution #1: Target their senses


Birds have been blessed with way more keen senses compared to humans. Their eyes can be eight times better, and their ears have a more comprehensive range and faster signaling. Additionally, research suggests that their sense of smell is highly developed.

With this in mind, scaring them through their sensations is a proven technique to keep birds from chirping at night.

For the visual repellant, you can use the famous scarecrow and just put it outside your window or area. Flashing lights and CDs are also effective.

Meanwhile, sound deterrents are a little more costly, but the result will surely not be compromised.

Using ultrasonic repellers will keep the birds away like mockingbird and even small animals around the clock by employing agitating sounds that only animals can hear.

Last but not least, you can employ a nontoxic liquid repellent or paste available on the market to address various bird control difficulties.

Solution #2: Eliminate their nest


A nest is where a family of birds temporarily reside. If you’re unfortunate enough, they can be your babbler neighbors for months.

So, to avoid this horrifying scenario, make sure to remove their nest in the morning. Be patient and repeatedly do this until no nest is visible to ensure that birds feel that your area is unsafe for habitation.

Solution #3: Keep food sources away

It is not your fault that birds are attracted near your house, especially if they can access abundant sources of food supply. These birds use the opportunity to feed and roost in the same area to reduce their traveling work.

So, to prevent birds squawking at night, install a bird feeder distant from your surroundings to divert their attention. Just make sure that you place the food source at least 100 feet away to keep them far from your window.

Solution #4: Physical Repellant

If all else fails, then you can resort to physical barriers to get rid of annoying chirping birds.

You can choose from nets, spikes, and covers. For your pet bird, the desirable option would be covering their cage (not entirely) to decrease the things that stimulate them.

Meanwhile, to make birds outside shut up, installing a net would be beneficial when you have trees on your property. This strategy requires AM and PM checkups for any captured small birds.

Spikes, on the other hand, are safer and easier to install than they appear. Install it in windows, building faces, and chimneys to keep birds from perching and pecking.

Solution #5: Use a white noise


If all the solutions mentioned above are not feasible and you really cannot get birds to stop chirping, maybe utilizing a white noise machine or app is the solution. Within your fingertips, you can turn the chirping sounds inaudible. 

If you are on a budget, you can utilize a fan or air conditioner in your room to tone down the chirping. Not only effective in fighting the heat but also useful for noisy birds at night during the summer and spring seasons.

In addition, it is suggested that you put on earplugs to achieve better outcomes.


Why are birds chirping at night?

Since birds cannot talk like humans, they chirp all day and all night for a number of reasons. The following are some of the purposes why are birds chirping at night:

  • To mark their territory – birds are territorial animals, so in an attempt to secure their home, they will chirp even at night.
  • To call for a mate – birds sing their heart out to find their mate and reproduce.
  • To ask for help – baby bird keeps chirping to call for their mother as they are still incapable of living on their own; meanwhile, adult birds would chirp to signal others that there is danger or predators.

What birds sing at night?

Nocturnal birds like Eastern Screech-Owl and Eastern Whip-poor-will chirp at night when awake. Non-nocturnal birds like the Yellow-breasted Chat and Common Loon are also active in chirping at night. 

When do birds stop chirping?

Birds stop chirping at different times around the world. According to one Reddit thread, they never stop at all, while some Redditors say it’s in the afternoon. Science suggests that birds stop singing in late summer to indicate the arrival of migratory birds.

Why are birds chirping at 1am outside my window?

Nocturnal birds supposed to chirp at night. However, this phenomenon can also suggest spiritual meaning like danger or enlightenment.

Birds chirping at 1 am signals your attention. It symbolizes that you are about to experience something and are protected from all the negative auras.

Meanwhile, birds in Islam depict the protectors and soul. Birds chirping at night Islam means the birds are preparing to start the day to brighten the world.


In this article, we explored 5 solutions on how to stop birds from chirping at night. These range from varieties of repellants, eliminating their food and nest source, and using white noises.

Birds chirping at night is an unavoidable occurrence. If you have a bird chirping all night, investigate the problem and attempt to implement the five suggestions.

We recommend that you attempt some of the solutions we have mentioned above before going down any other route. However, if nothing has worked, perhaps it’s time for an animal expert.

Have a good night’s sleep!

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