How to Stop Birds From Flying Into Windows – 11 Methods


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how to stop birds from flying into windows

Glass windows look beautiful in your home, but they reflect the sky and whatever is in front of them. That’s why when birds see these objects, they feel the urge to fly into what they thought was a natural habitat. And when this happens, the avians get hurt.

So how to stop birds from flying into windows?

There are multiple tactics, like using decals, stickers, non-reflective film, decoy animals, ultrasonic sound emitters, fishing lines, and bird deterrents. With the methods featured here, your feathered friends wil be safe and your windows will stay clean.

Materials Needed to Prevent Window Crashes by Birds

Preventing birds from crashing on your windows requires tools. Here’s a compiled list of items you need to achieve your goal.

  • Decals
  • Stickers
  • Fishing lines
  • Synthetic feathers
  • Non-reflective window film
  • Curtains
  • Markers
  • Tempera paint
  • Soap
  • Netting
  • Bird tape
  • Wind chimes
  • Flags
  • Ultrasonic sound emitter
  • Sun shade
  • Predator decoys
  • Bird silhouettes

Preventing Window Collision While Keeping Bird Feeders


There are a couple of tactics to prevent birds from hitting windows while still attracting them to your feeders.

Method #1: Window marks 

One of the best bird strike prevention techniques is to use window markers on the exterior. It’s up to you what colors to choose, and what design you like.

However, a grid appearance is highly recommended, and the orientation can be horizontal or vertical.

  • Horizontal – Markings must be evenly spaced by two inches. And the whole window should have the markings.
  • Vertical – Four inches is the recommended space between markings on the whole glass window.

Method #2: Bird tape 

By creating a grid design using bird tape, you can help birds stay safe while they repeatedly use your feeder. The good news is, bird tape is cost-effective since it lasts for about four years.

Additionally, bird tapes don’t block the outside view. So you can still see the beauty of the world while birds feed safely on your feeder.

Method #3: Decals 

DIY bird window decals remain as one of the best options for deterring avians. With numerous decal designs in the world, you’ll never have trouble choosing one or two.

The most important thing in installing the decals is to clean the surface properly. And make sure that the glass is dry before you set them up.

Method #4: Tempera paint 

With the use of a high-quality tempera paint on your glass windows, you can create a safe environment for the birds to feed.

Be as artistic as you want and paint whatever you wish on your windows. You can even paint beautiful flowers to attract birds to your feeder.

Method #5: Non-reflective Film 

A non reflective window film is perfect for an unobtrusive view of the birds while they feed on your feeder. This kind of product does not reflect anything, but it’s transparent from the interior.

So while the feathered visitors outside cannot see what’s inside the glass, you, on the other hand, can watch them clearly.

Method #6: Anti-collision stickers 

Purchase weather-resistant anti collision window stickers for birds and strategically place them on your glass window.

There are various designs for this kind of product, and they are absolutely efficient in obstructing a reflection.

Just make sure to buy high quality stickers to make them stick for a long time. And place the stickers in a way that covers most of the glass.

Method #7: Soap 

A bird strike window due to its reflective capabilities. In order to eliminate the risk of collision, it’s ideal to use soap in making your window foggy.

You can cover the whole window with soap, or create a grid design that measures 4×2 inches.

However, this process requires repetition since soap can fade in a day or two.

Method #8: Curtains 

To stop birds from hitting windows at night, you should install dark thick curtains from the inside.

Keep in mind that nocturnal avians are typically lured by lights from your home. And when they cannot see light from your windows, they will not fly into your home anymore.

Additionally, drawing your curtains closed during the day will stop any reflection from showing on the glass surface.

Method #9: Netting 

You can install netting on the exterior windows to save birds from hurting themselves.

Make sure to put at least three inches of space between the net and the window surface.

To efficiently use the netting system, hammer four long nails on the corners of the window wood brace. And then tie each end of the net on each nail.

Or, you can use mounting hooks to do the job.

Method #10: Sun shade

To keep birds away from windows to avoid crashing, you can opt for a sun shade. This product is installed on the outside, so it blocks natural light from coming inside.

And if you don’t mind covering your windows for the safety of the birds, then a sun shade is definitely for you.

Method #11: Mosquito screens


Mosquito screens are designed for keeping mosquitoes out of your home. But aside from this purpose, they are also great for preventing birds from flying into glass.

Just make sure the screen fits your window.

Keeping Birds Away to Stop Window Collision


Birds hitting windows produce a creepy “thud” sound that can haunt you at night.

Luckily, if you have no window feeder, there are methods to follow that will prevent birds from ever coming to your windows.

Method #1: Ultrasonic Sound Emitter 

A highly recommended window bird deterrent is the ultrasonic sound emitter. This product produces predator sounds that only birds can hear and humans can’t.

You need to install this outside of your window, and position it to face routes of avians.

This product may be expensive, but using this will ensure that no bird will crash on your property again.

Method #2: Flags

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive method of deterring birds from your windows, then using flags will do the trick.

You can create your own flags and place them outside. The wind blows the flags all the time, and the birds are scared of moving objects.

You can also purchase a couple of flags to use. You don’t have to limit your choices to the national flag, since other flags are available too.

Method #3: Feathered fishing line 

The sight of dislodged feathers puts fear into the hearts of birds. Predators come to mind when they see feathers attached to a fishing line.

And so it makes sense to hang a feathered fishing line outside your glass window.

If you have access to synthetic bird feathers and fishing lines, then you can simply do this on your own.

However, there are also ready-made products of feathered fishing lines to buy.

Method #4: Predator decoys 

Predator decoys can effectively scare birds, so place plastic statues of cats, snakes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, and owls inside your window.

From afar, avians can see them and will not fly into your glass window anymore.

Place the predator decoys on top of a table. But on a daily basis or at least thrice a week, rearrange the animals. Doing so will make the ruse more believable.

Method #5: Bird silhouettes 

There are self-adhesive silhouettes to choose from, and they are all, of course, large in sizes.

Simply paste the bird silhouette on the glass, and small birds will not dare come near your window again.

Method #6: Wind chimes 


Birds are deterred by movements and sounds, and wind chimes are the perfect combination of these.

Place two or more wind chimes outside your window and let the wind do the work for you.

Reasons Why Birds Fly Into Windows


Every year, there are approximately one billion birds that lose their lives due to window collisions. And since more and more houses are opting for glass windows, the number just keeps on growing.

But why do birds fly into windows? There are several reasons:

  • Nature reflection – If there are trees or shrubberies facing your windows, then it’s likely their reflection can be seen on the glass surface. And so the birds fly into your windows, thinking that they are visiting a natural habitat.
  • Inviting lights – If you wonder “why nocturnal birds keep hitting my windows?” the simple explanation is the inviting lights. Avians are attracted to lights, so they crash into windows while trying to get inside your house.
  • Sense of threat – During the breeding season, birds are naturally aggressive, specially the males. When the sun is up, they can easily see their reflection on windows, but they think that they’re seeing their rivals, so they attack them.
  • Potted plant – When birds see a potted plant inside a glass window, they would either think of feeding or perching on it. That’s why they set their flying course towards the plants and end up hitting the window.
  • No glass concept – Birds don’t have a concept of what glass is. With a super clear glass window, they can see inside of your home and view it as an opening to enter, so they fly towards the glass.

Why Stop Birds From Hitting House Windows

Birds flying into windows end up getting hurt. You need to understand that when avians hit your glass windows, they could die instantly from the impact. Sometimes, they manage to fly away but then later on die from external injuries or internal bleeding.

And if you like birds, you may want to help stop birds from dying so their species can live on. Once you’ve done this, you can feel good about yourself for being instrumental in the survival of birds in your area.

Additionally, saving birds from colliding with your windows keeps your property clean. If avians start dropping on your ground, then your home becomes messy. That means extra time cleaning, plus a risk of acquiring diseases from dead birds.


Multiple methods on how to stop birds from flying into windows were presented in this post. Now you know how to keep birds from crashing into your windows but still keep them coming to your feeders.

The best thing is all the tactics that we featured are safe for the feathered creatures.

If you learned new ideas from us, kindly share this post to your friends. You’re also encouraged to leave your thoughts, especially if you have other ideas related to this topic.

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