How to Stop Birds From Pooping on Your Car? – 8 Ways


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how to stop birds from pooping on your car

Have you ever woke up with overflowing positivity, only to get let down by the sight of your car? Well, bird poop can do that, especially if you live in a place where birds are constant visitors. But instead of stressing about this, the best action is to find ways on how to stop birds from pooping on your car.

There are efficient methods to keep avians away, such as using bird repellents or another parking space. The important thing is you respect avian life and drive them away from your vehicle in a safe manner.


Materials Needed to Deter Birds From Cars

If finding bird poop all over car is a regular thing for you, then you need to find ways to stop this occurrence. It’s never a good idea to drive around the city with avian waste on your vehicle. Your car will look ugly, untidy, and gross.

To take away the opportunity for avians to poop on your vehicle, you need the following materials:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Bird scaring kites
  • Repellent sprays
  • Deterrent objects (CDs, shiny balls, pinwheels, wind chimes, and reflective tape)
  • Car cover
  • Electronic bird repeller
  • Predator decoys
  • Pets
  • Car tent

Efficient Techniques to Prevent Bird Droppings on Cars


There are multiple techniques I use when birds keep pooping on my car. But of course, you need to understand that what works for one car owner may not work for you.

So keep an open mind, and try out all the methods until you find the best fit for your car.

Method #1: Bird repellent spray

The best way to keep any bird species from dumping poop on your vehicle is to spray bird repellent for cars.

You can make your own concoction using various ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, chili flakes, lemon oil, cayenne pepper, garlic, and peppermint oil.

Or, you can also opt to buy ready-made car bird repellent sprays from pet stores. You also have a choice to use mothballs to deter the feathered creatures.

Method #2: Electronic bird repellent

Another effective method to prevent birds from pooping on car is to utilize an electronic bird repellent product.

This gadget emits sounds that scare birds away. It generates noises that mimic those of the beasts that prey on passerines.

Of course, you can only use this product when you’re at home. And the good news is the coverage of sound is wide, so avians within an acre of your car will be spooked.

Method #3: Bird deterrent objects

To eliminate the risk of birds pooping on cars, it’s ideal to use objects that can deter birds.

At home, surround your parking space with hanging items such as old CDs, shiny balls, pinwheels, wind chimes, and reflective tape.

Birds are scared of shiny items, fast-moving objects, and noise. And so placing them near your car is a great idea to keep birds from pooping on your vehicle.

Method #4: Aluminum foil

Bluebirds and other bird species are fond of landing on cars and pooping on them. But all avians hate the sound and feel of aluminum foil. So use this to your advantage.

Purchase large sheets of aluminum foil and create a makeshift car cover. Birds detest this product, and once they land on top of it, they will immediately fly away. And that leaves no time at all to poop.

Method #5: Predator decoys

To successfully deter birds from pooping on your car, use predator decoys. Purchase plastic animals like hawks, cats, dogs, owls, and snakes and place them in your parking area.

You can also leave a few inside your car and place them near the windows to scare the birds.

However, whether you put the animal decoys inside or outside your car, make it a point to interchange them daily. Avians are smart creatures, and in the long run they can tell if they have been fooled.

Method #6: Garage parking

The best way to keep birds from pooping on car is to hide your vehicle.

Instead of parking outside your home, secure your car inside your garage. If birds can’t see your vehicle, then they’re not likely to perch on top and do their business there.

However, if you don’t have a garage, then you can erect a tent on your property. This will serve to protect your car from the pesky birds.

Method #7: Avian scaring kites

A great tactic to make your car poop-free is to use avian scaring kites. These items are easy to install on your vehicle; plus, you can use them anywhere.

You can attach the kite to your car while it’s parked at home and even at work.

However, when used outside your property, keep in mind that the kite may obstruct other structures, so be considerate. Also, the bird scaring kite will not work if you still park under a tree, post, or power wires.

Method #8: Cats and dogs

If birds keep pooping on car mirrors or on my driveway, I sometimes put my cats and dogs to work. Many avians are scared of these pets, so unleashing them into your parking spot is a great idea to drive birds away.

Is It Recommended to Use Car Covers

A full car cover is definitely a good idea to protect car from bird poop. However, you need to understand that by going through this route, you’re not solving the problem.

When you use a car cover, the birds may still land on your car or perch up high and drop poop. Of course, the cover will take the hit and not your vehicle. But then if you think about it, the car cover gets dirty and you still need to clean it up.

A car cover is ideal for temporary parking outside your home, especially in parking areas where birds frequent. However, when it comes to your own property, there are better and more permanent solutions on how you can safeguard your car’s exterior from the highly acidic bird poop.

Helpful Tips to Keep Cars Poop-free


  • As soon as you see bird poop on your vehicle, clean it immediately. Avian droppings contain 3-4.5 pH levels of uric acid that are damaging to your car’s wax and paint.
  • Always store car wipes inside your vehicle in case of an emergency poop cleaning task.
  • The use of bird spikes is a common practice to deter avians. But this process can potentially hurt the birds. And if you have children, they are at risk too. So it’s best to avoid using bird spikes on or near your car.
  • If, after all your efforts, the birds are still pooping on your vehicle, it’s time to consider calling in the experts. Contact a local wildlife professional to help you deal with the bird problem.

Why Do Birds Poop on Cars

Why exactly do birds like to dump their poop on cars? Let’s find out.

  • Parking space

When you see a car covered in bird poop, check its location. More likely than not, the vehicle is parked under a tree or a power line. Keep in mind that passerines roost on trees and electrical cables, so when they poop, the waste lands on the car that is parked under.

  • Car color

Red is a favorite color of thousands of avian species. And so when they see crimson-colored cars, they perch on top, and when nature calls, they poop. Other shades attractive to avians are blue, black, and white.

  • Car finish

A shiny car finish appeals to avians. It does not matter what color the vehicle is; as long as the finish is shiny and not matte, the birds are likely to poop on it.


The techniques featured on how to stop birds from pooping on your car are tested and proven to work. Not one method can harm the birds in any way, which is extremely important since hurting birds is against the law.

We hope you learned new ideas from this post. Kindly share this to your social media and leave us your thoughts and ideas.

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