What Bird Symbolizes Death of a Loved One? (9 Birds)


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what bird symbolizes death of a loved one

Birds are exquisitely beautiful creatures that are regarded as spiritual life forms. They have been recognized as a good omen, but what bird symbolizes death of a loved one? How would you know that they represent your dearly departed family, or warn you about an impending death?

In this post, we will talk about ten birds that signify the death. The list includes vultures, cardinals, sparrows, crows, owls, bats, ravens, robins, cuckoos, and blackbirds.

Bird Species That Symbolizes Death of Family

Millions of bird enthusiasts believe in the spirituality of the avian species. The sight of birds makes people happy, relax, and hope for good things to come. However, just like dark and light, good and bad, heaven and hell, believing in one requires the belief in the other.

And so if you accept superstitions of good fortunes and success from the sight or dream of avians, then also trust in the other side of things. Are birds a sign of death? Yes they are, but only a few species are linked to the world of the deceased.

Birds Messengers of the Dead

Sometimes, a bird symbolizes a passed loved one, someone who died very recently. And in other times, they appear in dreams as a warning.

And no matter how sad the circumstance is, a bird represents a lost loved one. In many ways, it comforts the hearts of the mourning family and friends. And for believers, they feel a slight happiness, knowing that their departed loved ones are sending messages from heaven.

List of Birds That Represent Death of Family

There is more than one bird that symbolizes death. They can appear in your sleep or in the real world. These avians are listed below.

Bird #1: Vultures


Just like the Caelid death bird, vultures have an appearance of death. They feed on dead animals and are always around death, so they symbolize the demise of a loved one. This representation often applies to a dream, but also real life when vultures find their way to your house.

When a human dies, this bird species can sense it, and they are said to visit the families of the dead. And it’s important to note that a vulture represents the dead, and they’re not an omen of an impending death.

And so when a vulture visits your dream in the middle of the night, it brings news of someone having passed away.

Bird #2: Cuckoo


Similar to the bird of death monogatari, the cuckoos are thought of as a sign of death. This bird species can journey to the realm of the dead and still thrive in the human world. And so they are perfect for bringing messages from people in the afterlife to their families.

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Bird #3: Cardinals


The beautiful cardinals represent lost loved ones. When a loved one dies, a cardinal comes near the grieving family, and for some reason, their presence may comfort the sad people. They bring hope to the families and assure them that there is still hope ahead.

This bird’s body is said to be occupied by the spirit of the dead. And receiving a message of love and hope from a departed loved one is definitely a comforting occurrence. So if you see a red bird meaning death, wave to send off your family to the underworld with peace.

Bird #4: Robin


In the bird of death mythology, robins are known to be associated with dearly departed family members and friends. They can access the spirit world and come to earth with the messages of dead people. Then they visit the humans who are supposed to be the recipients of the communication.

That’s why if a robin comes near you, then that signifies that a dead loved one is here to check on you. Robins are also a sign of wealth and success, so your departed family could be sending you a message of good fortune to come.

Bird #5: Crow


Black birds meaning death includes the crows. They represent a recent death in the family. And this symbolism occurs when a crow visits you in a dream or at your home.

Bird #6: Ravens


Raven, as a black bird symbol of death, has been depicted in many books, films, and poetry. This bird is known to be a messenger from the other world, so seeing one in real life or in dreamland means a loved one is trying to communicate with you.

Bird #7: Bats


Bats are birds associated with death, and the foreboding sense is always present when this bird species is around. If bats are seen during the day or in a dream, it might imply a sickness surrounding someone you love.

Bird #8: Blackbird


Myths depicted blackbirds as instruments of witchcraft and demonic activities. It is also a bird that represents death.

Bird #9: Sparrow


If a loved one just died, then seeing a sparrow is a good sign. This signifies that the souls of your departed kin or close friend will safely be carried to heaven.


Now you know what bird symbolizes death of a loved one. The ten birds we listed have always been associated with death. However, you can find comfort in birds that bring messages from your kin from the afterlife.

These creatures really are a world of fascinating symbols and beliefs. They might not actually have to mean something, but they can make us think, pondering about life and death.

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