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what does it mean when you see a blue jay

Blue jays are a reflection of veracity, strength, will power, renewal, passion, and commitment. These vibrant creatures are fearless in front of predators. In fact, these birds can imitate hawk calls to throw predators off their game.

So what does it mean when you see a blue jay? When you catch a glimpse of this bird, you may want to think about how you approach life. You should reflect on your goals, behavior, and state of mind.

Different Meanings of Blue Jay Sightings


The ferocious blue jays are the perfect combination of intelligence, cunning, loyalty, practicality, curiosity, and savagery. These blue-plumage creatures inspire people to follow their heart, fulfill their dreams, and fight for their loved ones.

They are spiritual passerines that bring a variety of meanings to humans when they are seen in the real world or in dreamland.

Each of the blue jay spiritual meaning that we feature in this post is significant. Let’s find out what divine messages are sent for you through these vibrant songbirds.

Meaning #1: Reflection on behavior 

Blue jays are the epitome of braveness. They fiercely defend their territories, and are not afraid to fight for their mates and chicks. And in seeing a blue jay meaning is something to seek for.

The sight of a blue jay may mean that you are asked to contemplate on how well or poorly you handle difficult situations. It urges you to reflect on how far you’re willing to go for your loved ones.

The blue-plumage songbirds are extremely protective, so seeing them could imply that you need to find the same valor in your heart.

Meaning #2: Spiritual message of fertility

Often, when blue jays are carrying seeds to save for winter, they drop them on the fields. And this leads to the unintentional growth of trees that is definitely good for the earth. That is why one of the meanings of a blue jay sighting is fertility.

If you happen to see this bird species, then there may be a significance of creating new life. You or a close friend might be trying to have a baby, and seeing a blue jay connotes that it may happen soon. Or, it could signify fruitfulness in your creative pursuit.

Meaning #3: Prophecy of a new beginning

Another spiritual significance of seeing a blue jay is a new beginning. These birds are great for the replanting of trees, and when you see a blue jay, it could mean that you’re ready to face a new chapter in your life.

It’s time to set aside all the doubts and let go of the second-guessing. Face the world with confidence, resilience, and enthusiasm.

A fresh start is definitely what you need, especially if you’ve been dealt with a bad hand. And if you’ve had uncertainties before, a sight of a blue jay should be enough to push you forward.

Meaning #4: Look into social connections

Blue jays have strong family ties, which is why social connections are another blue jay symbolism. When you see this kind of bird, you’re reminded to look into your personal relationships. Are you on bad terms with a friend or a family member?

If this is the case, take a moment to contemplate on your social status and whether this area of your life could be improved.

Meaning #5: Confirmation of a right path

Blue jays are known for their unshakeable conduct, and they are a curious bunch. When you see this kind of passerine, it could signify a confirmation that you are living a life that you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ve taken the right path, and you should continue doing so to achieve all your goals.

Meaning #6: Explore methods of communication

The “whisper song” is a signature call for the blue jays. This avian species has the ability to create multiple sounds for communicating with each other or deterring enemies.

So when a blue jay crosses your path, it makes sense that it denotes exploring new methods of communication. You may be struggling with expressing yourself to the world, and seeing this magnificent bird reminds you to try different techniques in solving problems.

Meaning #7: Omen of deception

In old tales, a blue jay is recognized to be a trickster.

So if you see a blue jay, reflect on the people surrounding you. There may be someone close to you who is stabbing you at the back. You just need to identify genuine friends from the fraudsters.

Meaning #8: Call for expediency

This bird species with beautiful blue feathers are intelligent creatures. They know how to exploit all kinds of opportunities when presented with them. Blue jays are shrewd passerines that do not waste valuable time.

A blue jay in the winter finds a warm place regardless of the location, as long as they survive the frost. And seeing one denotes a call for expediency.

It’s time to stop being picky and take advantage of whatever can improve your life, and to practice practicality in everything you do.

Meaning #9: Cry to enhance personal attributes

Blue jays are recognized to be spirit animals. When you see them either in reality or in a dream, the sighting means that you should work harder to nurture your good attributes.

You may already have characteristics such as faithfulness, resilience, courage, confidence, and other positive qualities. But you are not fully practicing them yet.

That is why the sight of blue birds is a reminder to grow as a person. You need to be on top of your game.

Meaning #10: Realization of hunger for power

The vibrant blue plumage of the blue jays unquestionably make these passerines stand out. This bird species is a symbol of power.

And seeing a blue jay in the morning or in your dream may represent your ambition for power. If you seek prestige and influence in life, then this is the time to chase after your dream.

The blue-feathered avian species appears to you to inspire you to make a move and be a person in power. This could mean that your aspiration for politics will be realized soon.

Meaning #11: Indication of regaining self-power

Blue jays have superior confidence in their abilities. These songbirds never lose sight of their strength, and they practice their power all the time.

Catching a glimpse of a blue jay in the real world or in dreamland signifies a call to regain self-power. If life has brought difficulties and your confidence is a bit shattered, then it’s time to work on your self assurance.

There are steps to take in reclaiming your self-esteem, and you can start with self-care routines.

Meaning #12: Represents newfound love

The spiritual meaning of blue jays also includes a representation of a newfound love. This is especially true if you see two blue-feathered avians perched together or singing. The sighting means that there is a brewing love interest in your life that is just waiting to come to light.

And if you already have a special person in your heart, then a stronger bond is on the horizon.

Meaning #13: Inspires individuality and belongingness

Seeing a flock of blue jays signifies a call to examine your individuality while participating in society. People cannot survive without the emotional and sometimes financial support of family and friends.

The sight of a group of blue-feathered creatures is a reminder to keep your identity intact while you socialize with others.

It’s quite normal to be influenced by other people’s thoughts and beliefs. But you must always acknowledge your own perspectives. After all, you have your personal decisions to make.

Meaning #14: Reminder to get ready for the future

Blue jays hoard food for the winter season. They have strong survival instincts, and they prepare for the months when food hunting is a huge challenge.

When you see a blue-colored bird in your backyard or as you stroll outdoors, it’s no coincidence. The spiritual meaning of a blue jay is a call to get ready for your future.

Learn everything you need to have a successful career, and gather all the resources to weather the storms in life.

Meaning #15: Prediction of an acquisition of wealth

In Hindu mythology, if a blue jay is seen next to a person (on their right), that person will become rich. However, there needs to be a presence of bone, bugs, or maggots in the mouth of the bird.

If you dream of this exact combination, that denotes an acquisition of wealth in the near future.

Of course, richness does not come without hard work. So if you have put much time and effort in your profession or business, you’ll be financially set for life soon.

Meaning #16: Foretells to save a lost soul

Blue jays are responsible songbirds that are extremely loyal to their family and flock. If in case a member of their circle is lost, they would find them and bring them back to the fold.

When you see a blue jay in the fall or in any season, this entails that someone in your social circle is lost figuratively. You’re tasked to determine who needs your help and guidance, and provide them with those things.


What does it mean when you see a blue jay? There are quite a number of meanings to the sighting of this powerful bird species, which we hope you now know.

They often come from the spiritual world to inspire you. What you need to understand is the significance of seeing a blue jay depends on your present situation.

We hope you like this post and share this to your friends. And please leave us your thoughts.

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