What Does It Mean When You See a White Bird?


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what does it mean when you see a white bird

What does it mean when you see a white bird? A white bird symbolizes several things, but it is well-known for representing peace all over the world. Other symbolisms linked to a white bird are innocence, purity, and a fresh start.

Different cultures have varying interpretations when they encounter a white bird. In addition, the meaning can change depending on the situation and the bird species. Let’s talk more about white birds meaning in the next sections. Read on.

What Does It Mean When You See a White Bird


There is no one explanation as to what is the meaning when you see a white bird. Aside from the wide variety of cultures and religions that have their own explanations, white bird symbolism is often personal and open to different interpretations.

1. White bird spiritual meaning


The white dove represents the Holy Spirit, thus, making the white dove an important symbol in Christianity. This white bird plays an important role in the bible. Jesus Christ warned his disciples of the coming prosecution after he saw a dove. In the scriptures, the bird symbolizes peaceful purity, innocence, and blessings.

White birds are divine messengers. Many people say a prayer or make a wish when they see one in the belief that they will carry the message and have it granted by the higher realm.

In Islam, white doves are also considered bringers of good luck, love, peace, and freedom. Dreaming of a white bird reveals a clean conscience, which is the fruit of several acts of goodwill.

2. White bird cultural symbolism


At most weddings across the world, they release white doves as a symbol of honor and virtue of the union. It represents the blessings from the god to the now husband and wife.

In Ancient Rome, a legend tells the tale of a white bird called Caladrius that can cure sickness. This white bird can soak up the illness of the sick with its gaze.

It will then fly away, carrying the disease with it. However, there are circumstances where the bird does not meet a person’s gaze, meaning death is upon their door.

In North America, the raven used to have white feathers. They are creator spirits that are cunning and a thief. While it was stealing the sun, moon, water, and stars for the world, it was stuck in a smoke hole that turned its feathers black.

White Bird Species and What They Mean


There are many white bird species everywhere in the world. Each of them has a different symbolism which can change the meaning of an individual meeting a specific one. Here are five white bird species and the symbolism they carry with them.

  • Dove – These birds are the most popular white bird. They symbolize peace, joy, purity, prosperity, and fertility.
  • Crane – An encounter with a white crane brings good luck. You can expect protection and success!
  • Swans – Swans are known to mate for life. No wonder they represent enduring love, beauty, grace, and divinity.
  • Black-billed Magpie – This black and white bird is also known as the Bird of Joy. The Black-billed Magpie also symbolizes protection, safety, freedom, balance, and clarity.
  • Tree Swallow – Seeing a blue and white bird like the Tree Swallow is good luck. New opportunities are coming, and happiness is within your reach.

Seeing a White Bird in Dreams


Did you dream of a white bird? It might tell you something important. But before you can act according to their message, you need to know what the dream means. Here are some white bird dream scenarios and what they convey.

1. Flying white bird


Everything you have achieved in the past few months is to be celebrated. That is what a dream of a flying white bird is trying to tell you. We can also interpret this as a sign of freedom to chase after the peace and happiness you deserve.

2. Feeding white bird


Are you doing charitable work? Dreaming of feeding white birds is an encouragement for you to continue your noble deed. If it is still a plan you are trying to hatch, this is your signal to go for it.

3. White bird with a twig


A white bird with a twig between its beak is popping in your dream to tell you that you are doing an impressive job spreading peace and light to the people around you. It is time to make your plans a reality. Take action.

4. Chirping white bird


Just like the chirping white bird in your dream last night, you should use your voice when the situation calls for it. Reach out to your family and friends if you need a little push at any point in your life. That is not cowardly, but bravery.

5. Two white bird


Have you been trying to conceive, hoping to grow your family? The two white birds you’ve dreamed of are telling you that the fruits of your efforts will come soon. This dream can also mean that working with your family is the solution to achieving the goal you want.

6. Dead white bird


There are many possibilities in your life right now and you are ignoring them because you lack the effort. Develop your skills and recognize your abilities. You have the potential.

Remember, the meaning of a white bird dream can differ depending on what’s happening in life when you wake up.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is seeing a white pigeon lucky?

Pigeons represent love. If you see one with your beloved, you can take it as a good sign. It will bring you closer to each other and strengthen the bond you share.

These white birds also symbolize peace, freedom, honor, positivity, and beauty. Its meaning can change depending on the situation, but it mostly brings good luck.

Is it rare to see a white dove?

Seeing a white dove in the wild is rare. Not all doves are white since it is not a naturally occurring color for them. The white doves we see at weddings are release doves, which are specially bred.

What is a white bird flying meaning?

A white bird flying is seen in many cultures adorning artifacts and ceramics. It is a common sign that symbolizes these white birds as spiritual messengers.

However, a white bird flying at night can have a different meaning. When you see a white bird at night, you are witnessing a spirit passing from one dimension to another. This could either be a ghost coming to earth or a deceased loved one leaving our world.

What does a flock of white birds mean?

If you see a flock of white birds, it brings a special message from the spiritual realm. The flock of birds represents your community; thus, the message is not only for you but for everyone around you, whether your family or neighbors.

Your encounter with the flock of white birds could mean that change is coming. They carry good luck, peace, and freedom.


This article answered the question “What does it mean when you see a white bird?” and provided some important information about the topic. The next time you see a white bird, think about what’s happening in your life. It will help you determine the message they bring.

Now, you know what seeing a white bird means and you can share your knowledge with your family and friends. Have you experienced meeting a white bird before? Share them with us!

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