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why are there so many birds in my yard

Seeing a few birds around your property is normal, delightful even. But it starts getting concerning when there are many of them, as usual. Then you ask yourself, ‘Why are there so many birds in my yard?’

There are three possible reasons for this phenomenon. It might be the start of the migrating season, your feathered neighbors could be looking for food, or fleeing from a predator. Let’s find out together what could cause more birds to turn up in your garden.

Why Are There a Lot of Birds In My Yard


‘So many birds flying around my house! What is happening? Is the world ending?’ These might be some things that will come to mind upon witnessing such a situation. But these are common in some places and happen now and then.

Here are some reasons for a flock of birds in your yard.

1. Bird Migration Season

Birds migrate each year to nest and look for richer food sources. Check the calendar to see if migration is the explanation behind the sudden appearance of birds in your area. This often falls from August until October for fall migration and from March to May for spring migration.

If you wake up one morning and notice more birds in your yard than usual, then it might be due to bird migration. You see, birds fly long distances when the world is dark since there is little to no interruption and fewer predators.

2. Foraging Food

Did you notice a stray bird or two checking out your yard? They are inspecting your home to see if there is food to eat. If they come back and their number is constantly increasing or all at once, you have a food source they can feed on.

If you don’t have bird feeders or baths and are not trying to attract them then, there could be an insect or worm infestation in your grass. Fruit or seed-bearing trees and bushes are also an instant attraction to any bird.

3. Running Away From Predators

Birds feel safer when they are together in a large group. It’s because it puts them at an advantage with many eyes on the lookout for danger and an escape route. The trees in your backyard serve as the perfect hideout for them during desperate times.

A flock of birds in your tree can mean they are running away from predators. After an hour or two of sitting almost motionless in your yard, they will continue on their way when they feel it is safe to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you still curious about several things regarding the increased number of your feathered neighbors on your property? Here are some commonly asked questions related to this that you might find helpful.

Is it good to have birds in your yard?

Are birds good for your lawn? Yes! Birds feed on grass insects and garden pests like spiders, mosquitos, beetles, and worms. Other bird species, like sparrows feed on weeds. Having birds in your yard means a natural bug killer and weed control.

However, it could be a serious problem if too many birds are in your yard. You need to deal with their waste and loud sounds, which can affect your daily life. For those who have berries or fruits, birds in your backyard is not a good idea.

What attracts birds to your yard?

Is there a flock of multiple birds in your backyard? It could be because they found a food source and perceive your yard as a safe place. This is pretty obvious if you have bird feeders installed. Otherwise, you might have other abundant sources of food like earthworms, larvae, or worse, a termite colony.

If you have many trees in your yard, creating a shaded area, this too can draw in more birds. It is the perfect place for them to hide from predators, rest, or raise their younglings. 

What will make birds go away and keep them away from my yard?

First, you need to determine what the reason is why birds are flocking to your lawn. Check for worms, insects, and berry plants in the area. Use insecticides to get rid of bugs and place a protective metal netting around your berries. Pruning bushes and trees remove the shade where birds can hide and roost.

To scare off the birds and stop them from coming back, you can try any of these:

  • Sonic bird repellers or wind chimes
  • Scarecrows and realistic dolls of birds’ predators such as snakes, owls, coyotes, and cats. Change the position of the fake predators every few days.
  • Bird repellent tape or shiny objects like foil pans and old CDs
  • Cheap and lightweight flags or pieces of fabric that move in the wind

How to stop starlings pecking my lawn?

Starlings are aggressive and invasive species known for being a nuisance wherever they are. They forage for food on the ground, and their diet comprises critters, worms, and bugs. Homeowners, who are not familiar with these fowls, will often ask ‘Why are there birds eating in my lawn?’

To address and stop birds’ eating lawn behavior, you need to get to the root of the issue, which is their food source. You can use insecticide to eradicate the pests on your lawn. Next, scare them off using the suggestions we gave in the previous section. Besides this, you can use motion irrigation sensors.

What is the spiritual meaning of so many birds around my house today?

The spiritual meaning of any bird encounter varies depending on the species. But in general, having many birds flock to your home means good news.

This is a sign of progress, abundance, and prosperity. Whatever you are working on will lead to success, and all your efforts will be rewarded. Another symbolism linked to a flock of birds is spiritual awakening.

Why is there a flock of blackbirds in my tree?

This occurrence is called roosting. It is when a flock of birds looks to stay on a tree just when the sun is setting to stay for the night.

Trees like oak, cedar, maple, pine, birch, and mulberry are also the perfect shelter for blackbirds or any birds since they offer food and safety. You can often observe this behavior during the winter when food is scarce, huddle up to share the heat, and stay safe.


All this information answers the question, ‘why are there so many birds in my yard?’ It covers the reasons why your feathered neighbors are attracted to your lawn all of a sudden. You can also find solutions to stop them from invading your yard.

We hope we satisfied your curious minds and delivered the explanation you are looking for. If you know someone who asks you ‘Why are there tons of birds in my yard?’ You can share this article with them. For anyone who witnesses a flock of fowls in their garden, share your experience and tips on how you addressed the situation. We love hearing from you!

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