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Why is Bird Poop White? – 3 Main Reasons

Written by Clinton Atkins / Fact Checked by George Dukes

why is bird poop white

Birds make our planet a little bit more melodic and colorful. These feathered friends are out there, spreading positivity and inspiration up from the sky. However, there’s one thing that’s also everywhere but is not so pleasant: their feces.

It can be on your car, laundry, and even your head! Thus, we are left wondering, why is bird poop white? Well, the poop itself isn’t white. It’s the nitrogenous waste, and the brown part is the actual poop!

List of Reasons Why is Bird Poop Mostly White


If you are still confused and want to investigate what color is bird poop, then we need o go back to the bird’s anatomy.

#1 Birds have only one opening


Birds are truly unique. Birds are built differently than other mammals, as they have only one exit for their urine and poop, called a cloaca.

Males and females have only cloaca for all purposes of the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems. This feature basically means that they use one orifice for waste elimination, sex, and laying eggs!

It can also explain why the bird excrement looks like a mixture of white and brown. Continue reading to discover the white stuff in bird poop.

#2 Birds convert urea to uric acid


The kidney is the organ responsible for urine formation and extraction of nitrogenous waste from the body for both mammals and birds.

However, mammals eliminate these urine wastes mainly in the form of urea. Birds convert it to uric acid or guanine, making it undergo chemical reactions and making bird pee look like a more solid and white substance.

In a nutshell, uric acid is the bird’s urine, which gives people the impression that bird shit white and is probably why it gets extra sticky to your car window.

#3 Bird’s poop reflects their health


Bird poop is white and black in typical circumstances. However, these colors can change and indicate alterations in their diet and wellness.

Commonly, bird poop purple if they feed on blueberries. On the other hand, fresh fruits like grapes, peaches, and watermelons will cause a significant amount of pee in the bird droppings.

However, white and green poop can suggest liver, bacteria, and parasitic infections. For instance, a parrot fever will result in lime-green excrement.

If you observe that your pet bird has changed in its poop color, frequency, and consistency, you can check the bird poop identification chart online. Still, the best advice would be to bring your avian companion to the nearest veterinarian.

Bird Feces Meaning

No one wished to be pooped on by a bird, like dove droppings in your hair. However, the most popular belief about this is bird poop good luck!

Another common superstition is that significant changes will happen when a bird enters your house, whether bad or good.

Last but not least, the most endearing belief is the tapping bird on the window, which can signify a passed loved one trying to get in touch.



What type of bird shits white?

The Seagull poop white, and the majority of birds, too, due to the presence of uric acid, urine, and white pigment on the poop. However, it is highly adaptable to changes in its diet. For instance, bald eagles have whiter feces compared to other carnivore species.

Is bird droppings toxic to humans?

Behind the cute appearance of our feathered friends are the dreadful 60 diseases on their poop. Most of these are linked to parasitic diseases, including fungi, yeast, and virus infections.

Serious health diseases can develop, such as histoplasmosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, and even encephalitis, which is a fatal inflammation of the nervous system.

Immunocompromised people and those with prolonged exposure are at higher risk. Areas of concern are also the ones living in residential areas where flocks of birds gather since some diseases can spread airborne.

Do all birds have white poop?

Technically speaking, a bird’s poop is not white. The white part is their urine, which is composed of uric acid. And to some extent, all of the bird’s poop will look white in color.

Healthy birds’ dropping can be different colors and still be normal since their diet influences it.

How often do birds poop?

Birds poop very often since they need to be lightweight when they are on flight. In connection, the frequency of birds’ pooping depends on their size.

The smaller the bird, the more it will poop in 24 hours. To illustrate, a petite parakeet can poop up to 50 times a day, but a giant bird may only poop 20 times.

Do birds fart?

No. Fart is made from bacteria from the gut, and birds don’t have that. Logically, it is also better for them since a bloated belly will slow their flight. Thank goodness!

Is bird poop a good fertilizer?

Yes. Because of their high phosphorus concentration, bird droppings are regarded as excellent soil fertilizers.

Also, did you know that seabird feces can cost half a billion dollars annually? You read it right! Seagulls, pelicans, and even penguins’ excrement can cost like gold and a Gucci bag.

But hold on, it’s not cash; instead, it estimates how valuable their waste is as fertilizer. Researchers found that seabird nutrients are essential to 10% of coral reef fish stocks.


We have now reached the end of the article. After reading why is bird poop white, we now know that the three reasons for their white poop are due to having one opening, the conversion of uric acid, and their diet!

If you ever get pooped by a bird, remember the excellent luck belief and carry the positive energy! However, be careful not to get infected!

Does this article answer your questions? Let us know, and Happy reading!

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