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yellow birds with black wings

Yellow birds with black wings are a great color combination that can easily attract anyone’s attention. This color pattern is common in many bird species in the United States, including orioles and warblers.

Each of them has a unique pattern which makes it possible to identify one from the other. However, it can still be tricky.

Here we have a list with names and pictures for you to know about these beautiful creatures better.

List of Yellow Birds With Black Wings 


1. American goldfinch


The American Goldfinch is one of the most well-known yellow birds in Ohio.

Its bright yellow plumage, shiny black and white wings, and black spot on the head of the male can make you feel the summer season.

The female has a duller plumage but is still identifiable with its wing bars, pointed tail, and no streaking.

This bird is widespread in the open lands of North America. They hang around thistle plants and milkweeds to forage for seeds. You can also find these birds in many backyard feeders. Goldfinches are believed to symbolize positivity, motivation, and joy. Many homeowners want them in their gardens.

2. Yellow-headed blackbird


Yellow-headed Blackbirds are common in California. The black body, yellow head, and white wing patch of the males are unmistakable. Females, in contrast, have dark brown plumage with some yellow on their heads and chests.

These birds are abundant in the West and Midwest, mainly in Mexico. They inhabit and breed in marshes, farm fields, and freshwater wetlands. You can spot Yellow-headed Blackbirds in barren dirt and other open areas looking for food.

People see these birds as messengers of the gods, representing deep wisdom, strength, resilience, and creative expression.

3. Black-headed oriole


This bird is yellow with a black head and a flesh-colored bill. Its black banded tail tip looks majestic and more noticeable in mid-flight. These birds breed across sub-Saharan Africa, inhabiting gardens, parks, woodlands, farmlands, and savannahs.

Black-headed Oriole feeds on various food such as nectar, fruit, and insects. If you hear their liquid and musical calls, luck is on your way and the worst of what you are experiencing is now over.

4. Magnolia warbler


The Magnolia Warbler is known as a yellow bird with black stripe. The male boasts a black band around its neck that extends to its chest, a fantastic plumage distinction that makes it stand out.

On the other hand, the females have yellow underparts and brown upper parts with timid streaks.

During the spring and fall seasons, Magnolia Warblers put on a show before migrating to the wooded edge and areas in the Caribbean and Central America. These birds forage on the underside of leaves for insects.

When you cross paths with a warbler, take it as a sign to stand up and speak up for yourself. It is a symbol of positivity and music.

5. Western tanagers


This bird with yellow body and black wings is the western twin of the Scarlet Tanager. The Western Tanager is discernible with their orange-red head that looks like a tip of a flame with its yellow body.

We can spot this North American bird in coniferous forests on a high elevation. In the last few weeks of spring, you can also find some male Western Tanagers in several suburban gardens. Their diet includes insects and nectars, so you will often find them visiting flowers and the top of trees.

Western Tanagers are a symbol of happiness and joy to many. They are also believed to be spiritual guides.

6. Common yellowthroat


The Common Yellowthroat is a yellow and black bird in Ohio that got its name from its warm yellow throat. The males have distinguished black masks with a white stripe that the females lack.

Moreover, this small warbler frequents forest edges, busy fields, and marshes of North America. Their short and rounded wings indicate they are short-distance flyers meaning they can only migrate to Central America and the southern U.S.

Just like other yellow birds, Common Yellowthroats are linked to happiness. A meeting with one can tell you that you will live a life full of joy.

7. Evening grosbeak


Evening Grosbeaks are large yellow bird with black wings. They have a notable white wing patch and yellow stripe over the eyes. That’s for the males; females are greenish-yellow and are mostly gray.

These birds’ habitats are sometimes unpredictable but often around the continental United States, depending on the season. They are regular feeder visitors that love to feast on sunflower seeds.

Grosbeaks mean that happiness is finding its way to your family and friends. You might even meet a new acquaintance soon.

8. Audubon’s oriole


The Audubon’s Oriole is another oriole yellow and black bird. Both sexes of this bird have a lot of similar features, from the black hood and wings to the yellow body. They also sing the same song during the breeding season.

Audubon’s Oriole population is abundant in the woodlands of South Texas and Mexico. If you want to find these birds, they spend their time foraging in thick vegetation for fruits and seeds.

Orioles represent joy and mysterious magic. An encounter with one means you are meant to have success and happiness shortly.

9. Lesser goldfinch


This bright yellow bird with black wings is visible even from a good distance. Male Lesser Goldfinches have black caps and wing patches, while the females are dull yellow with olive backs.

These finches are widespread in the western U.S., foraging scrubby oaks, willows, and suburban gardens for seeds and fresh water. Seeing a Lesser Goldfinch while you are on a walk might mean good fortune will come into your life. This is because these yellow birds represent health, innocence, and success.

10. Wilson’s warbler


Wilson’s Warblers are small black and yellow birds. The males have a black cap, a characteristic missing in females. Both have long, narrow tails that flip around a lot when looking for insects in dense thickets and shrubs.

The breeding range of this bird covers most of western and northern America. You will also find them in Mexico or Panama during the winter migration. If you encounter a warbler, change, and new beginnings are just around the corner.

11. Scott’s oriole


This small yellow bird with black wings stands out in the desert despite their size. Male Scott’s Oriole has bright yellow shoulder feathers, a striking contrast to its white wing bar and black plumage for the rest of its body while females are paler in comparison.

Scott Orioles prefer dry areas on steep hillsides and high deserts. They’re nesting and foraging places are junipers, pals, pinyon pines, and yuccas. They find nectar, insects, and everything they need for nesting in their surroundings.

Unexpectedly finding an oriole is a sign that the hard days are over. Soon, your will luck will change for the better and bring joy to your life.

12. Eastern meadowlark


Eastern Meadowlarks are chunky songbirds with a yellow chest and an iconic black V. You can distinguish them from grassland birds with their long bills, rounded wings, and short tails. When in flight, their white outer feathers are more evident.

Spot these birds on shrubs, field trees, crops, and grasses of eastern and central United States where they feast on crickets, beetles, grubs, spiders, and grasshoppers. Their nests are often on exposed perches, utility lines, and fenceposts.

An encounter with a meadowlark bird means good news. They symbolize hope, joy, clarity, and enlightenment. You find happiness after crossing paths with them.

13. Prairie warbler


Unlike their name, Prairie Warbler is not a bird of the prairie. These birds with yellow underparts and dark wing streaks prefer overgrown fields and growth scrub of North America. Their habitat might change, and colonies move from time to time. They have a stable population in Florida.

Hopping and flying insects cannot escape from these birds. They are experts at hovering and foraging the underside of leaves. It is a joy to watch these birds. Since they are known as symbols of happiness, you can get good energy and luck from them.

Why Do Some Birds Have Black and Yellow?


Little yellow birds with black wings are widespread across the country. These birds are easy to spot even from a long distance, but you might also easily confuse them for a flower or simply a black and yellow-colored item. It means the color and pattern effectively blend them in their surroundings and hide them from predators and even birdwatchers.

But how do these colors come to be? Two pigments are involved in the plumage coloration of avians: melanin and carotenoids. The former produces a range of colors from orange, black, grey, and brown, while the latter creates brighter colors through specialized feather structures.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a yellow bird?

While there are different species of yellow birds, they are generally viewed as good luck. These brightly colored birds bring happiness, hope, and good news. If you cross paths with any yellow bird, you can take it as a sign of happiness finding you soon.

Furthermore, yellow birds are seen as sacred in Native American traditions. They are divinely connected to the natural world, linking humans to the spirit world.


Have you come across yellow birds with black wings? Can you identify them or were you confused for a few minutes? We hope with this article it is easier to distinguish each species. It takes time and lots of practice, but you will be able to match the pictures with their names. This will take you closer to being a skilled birdwatcher!

Do you have any eventful or memorable encounters with yellow and black birds? Share them with us in the comment section!

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