Young Birder Promo Codes

You can get a Young Birder promo code from hundreds of birding, nature and Audubon web sites. If you cannot find one, any of these will work. These are for the use of kids 18 and younger:

ThayerYoungBirder   –   Thayer Birding Software
WBUYoungBirder   –   Wild Birds Unlimited
ABAYoungBirder   –   American Birding Association
AOSYoungBirder   –   American Ornithological Society
AudubonYoungBirder   –   National Audubon Society
BirdLifeInternationalYoungBirder   –   Bird Life International
CLOYoungBirder   –   Cornell Lab of Ornithology
eBirdYoungBirder   –   eBird
MOUYoungBirder   –   Minnesota Ornithologist’s Union
NationalGeographicYoungBirder   –   National Geographic Society
RTPIYoungBirder   –   Roger Tory Peterson Institute
ScienceOlympiadYoungBirder  –  Science Olympiad
TNCYoungBirder   –   The Nature Conservancy
FieldGuidesYoungBirder   –   Field Guides
VENTYoungBirder   –   Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
WingsYoungBirder   –   WINGS Bird Tours
————-BWDYoungBirder   –   Bird Watcher’s Digest Magazine
BirdswatchingYoungBirder   –   Birdwatching Magazine
BirdsBloomsYoungBirder   –   Birds & Blooms Magazine
BirdTalkYoungBirder   –   BirdTalk radio program
BirdingWireYoungBirder   –   Birding Wire eMagazine

BSBOYoungBirder   –   Black Swamp Bird Observatory
CibolaNWRYoungBirder   –   Cibola National Wildlife Refuge
CorkscrewYoungBirder   –   Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

BoyScoutsYoungBirder   –   Boy Scouts of America
GirlScoutsYoungBirder   –   Girl Scouts of America
4HYoungBirder   –   4-H Clubs
YMCAYoungBirder   –   YMCA of the USA
YWCAYoungBirder   –   YWCA USA

Each state and Province has its own code, for example:



Schools in each state and Province have their own codes, for example:



Young Birder Codes From Local Audubon Clubs

ADMIRALTYAUDUBONYoungBirder    Admiralty Audubon Society
AUDUBONWEYoungBirder    Audubon of the Western Everglades
BURROUGHSYoungBirder    Burroughs Audubon Society of Greater Kansas City
CENTRALSIERRAYoungBirder    Central Sierra Audubon Society
CNMASYoungBirder    Central New Mexico Audubon Society
COEURDALENEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Coeur d’Alene Audubon Society
CONNECTICUTAUDUBONYoungBirder    The Connecticut Audubon Society
CONOCOCHEGUEAUDUBONYoungBirder   Conocochegue Audubon Society
COULEEAUDUBONYoungBirder   Coulee Region Audubon Society
EVANSVILLEAUDUBONYoungBirder   Evansville Audubon Society
FIRELANDSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Firelands Audubon Society
FIVEVALLEYSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Five Valleys Audubon Society
FLAGLERAUDUBONYoungBirder    Flagler Audubon Society
FORTWORTHAUDUBONYoungBirder    Fort Worth Audubon Society
FOURRIVERSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Four Rivers Audubon Society
GOLDENGATEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Golden Gate Audubon Society
GREATSALTLAKEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Great Salt Lake Audubon
HERNANDOAUDUBONYoungBirder    Hernando Audubon Society
HIGHCOUNTRYAUDUBONYoungBirder    High Country Audubon Society
HOUSTONAUDUBONYoungBirder    Houston Audubon Society
JACKSONAUDUBONYoungBirder    Jackson Audubon Society
KLAMATHBASINAUDUBONYoungBirder    Klamath Basin Audubon Society
LAKECOUNTYAUDUBONYoungBirder    Lake County Audubon Society
LAUGHINGWHITEFISHYoungBirder Laughing Whitefish Audubon Society
LEIGHVALLEYAUDUBONYoungBirder    Leigh Valley Audubon Society
MASSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Mass Audubon
MECKLENBURGAUDUBONYoungBirder    Mecklenburg Audubon Society
NCWAUDUBONYoungBirder    North Central Washington Audubon Society
NEWJERSEYAUDUBONYoungBirder    New Jersey Audubon
NORTHCASCADESAUDUBONYoungBirder    North Cascades Audubon Society
NYCAUDUBONYoungBirder    New York City Audubon Society
OAKLANDAUDUBONYoungBirder    Oakland Audubon Society (Michigan)
OHLONEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Ohlone Audubon Society
OKATIBBEECREEKAUDUBONYoungBirder    Okatibbee Creek Audubon Society
PALOMARYoungBirder    Palomar Audubon Society
PALOUSEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Palouse Audubon Society
PASADENAAUDUBONYoungBirder  Pasadena Audubon Society
PEACERIVERAUDUBONYoungBirder    Peace River Audubon Society
PETOSKEYAUDUBONYoungBirder    Petoskey Regional Audubon Society
PLUMASAUDUBONYoungBirder    Plumas Audubon Society
POMONAVALLEYAUDUBONYoungBirder    Pomona Valley Audubon Society
PRAIRIEANDTIMBERSYoungBirder   Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society
PRAIRIERAPIDSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Prairie Rapids Audubon Society
PRESCOTTYoungBirder    Prescott Audubon Society
PUTNAMHIGHLANDSAUDUBONYoungBirder   Putnam Highlands Audubon Society
QUADCITYAUDUBONYoungBirder   Quad City Audubon Society
ROGUEVALLEYAUDUBONYoungBirder   Rogue Valley Audubon Society
SAINTPAULAUDUBONYoungBirder   St. Paul Audubon Society
SALEMAUDUBONYoungBirder   Salem Audubon Society
SANDIEGOAUDUBONYoungBirder   San Diego Audubon Society
SASSAFRASAUDUBONYoungBirder  Sassafras Audubon Society
SAWMILLRIVERAUDUBONYoungBirder   Saw Mill River Audubon Society
SEATTLEAUDUBONYoungBirder    Seattle Audubon Society
SEQUOIAAUDUBONYoungBirder    Sequoia Audubon Society
SEVASYOUNGBIRDERYoungBirder    Southeast Volusia Audubon Society
SKAGITAUDUBONYoungBirder    Skagit Audubon Society
SOMDAUDUBONYoungBirder    Southern Maryland Audubon Society
STJOHNSAUDUBONYoungBirder   St. Johns County Audubon Society
STOCKBRIDGEAUDUBONYoungBirder   Stockbridge Audubon Society
TAMPAAUDUBONYoungBirder    Tampa Audubon Society
TUCSONAUDUBONYoungBirder    Tucson Audubon Society
VABEACHAUDUBONYoungBirder    Virginia Beach Audubon Society
VASHONAUDUBONYoungBirder    Vashon-Maury Island Audubon Society
VENTURAAUDUBONYoungBirder    Ventura Audubon Society
WILDCATAUDUBONYoungBirder    Wildcat Audubon Society
WILLAPAHILLSAUDUBONYoungBirder    Willapa Hills Audubon Society
YELLOWSTONEVALLEYYoungBirder    Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society
YOLOAUDUBONYoungBirder    Yolo Audubon Society