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What Bird is Mordecai

From the fun-filled cartoon show with a mix of adult gags and humor, Mordecai in Regular Show is a blue bird character that draws interest due to his iconic appearance, easygoing nature, and relatable adult moments.

While he’s an anthropomorphic character with long legs and wings for hands, have you ever wondered what bird is Mordecai in real life? This bird type is a Blue Jay! Let’s find out more about them by reading further.

What Type of Bird is Mordecai?

Mordecai is a Blue Jay

1. Mordecai is a Blue Jay

With the combination of bright blue feathers, white undersides, black facial markings, and a distinguished crest, Mordecai is a certified Blue Jay.

The Cyanocitta cristata of the Corvidae family is a beautiful bird renowned for its blue feather with white tips.

Like many other birds, male and female blue jays sport a dashing crest like a mohawk, which can be lowered or raised depending on their emotional state.

2. Blue Jays are intelligent

Blue Jays are known to be highly intelligent, a trait commonly shared by the Corvidae family, and many of the species can use simple tools like newspaper strips to gather food.

It’s also probably the reason why Mordecai is one of the wise Regular Show characters, given his talent for art and acceptance into College University, unlike his best friend, Rigby, the Raccoon.

3. Blue Jays have aggressive traits.


There are still some behavioral differences between the iconic cartoon character Mordecai and real-life Blue Jays.

These birds are also known to be very aggressive toward other birds, doing things like raiding their nests and scaring them away from food sources, which is very unlike the mild-mannered Mordecai.

4. They make bird calls.

Blue Jays make loud, noisy calls when predators are around, which act as a signal to other flocks about the threat.

Despite being “songbirds,” Blue Jays have some annoying bird calls in the wild. At the very least, these loud calls fit well with their highly alert and aggressive profile.

Other Facts About the Blue Jays


  1. A Blue Jay’s diet consists of sunflower seeds, insects, and acorns.
  2. Blue Jays have a moderately large stature that can go up to 10 inches long and a wingspan of 15 inches.
  3. Blue Jays are not to be mistaken with Bluebirds, which are smaller and possess an orange chest.
  4. They have strong familial bonds. This is often emphasized by the alertness and aggression Blue Jays show when protecting their families.
  5. Blue Jays lay eggs of either light blue or brown with dark brown spots. They produce a maximum of 7 eggs in a clutch. After 16 to 18 days of incubation, the eggs hatch and are nestled for about 17-21 days.


Blue Jays are intelligent and beautiful birds that value family and loyalty above all.

While Mordecai from the Regular Show may not exactly be like his real-life counterparts, his profound loyalty and honesty towards his friends are shared qualities. Not to mention his overall appearance, too.

Now that you have answers to questions about what bird is Mordecai, whether you’re more interested in Mordecai or the actual Blue Jays, the worlds of animated entertainment and that of birds are both fascinating and widely amusing.

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