How Long Do Sparrow Eggs Take to Hatch?


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how long do sparrow eggs take to hatch

During the right season, you can easily spot bird nests on trees with a few eggs in them. Do not worry because these eggs won’t stay there for long, especially if they are sparrow eggs. So how long do sparrow eggs take to hatch?

Sparrows can hatch their eggs between 10 to 14 days, but this can depend on the altitude, temperature, and age of the parents.

The Sparrow Eggs


Sparrows are small birds that you can easily spot around your neighborhood. These birds can lay around three to seven eggs at a time.

Since sparrows are small, their eggs are also petite in size! These are just around 0.6 inches in diameter. Eggs are usually white to gray with a glossy appearance, and some may have brown spots.


So, how long does it take for these eggs to hatch? The eggs would hatch within 10 to 14 days. During this time, the eggs are taken care of by the parent sparrows.

Most sparrows lay eggs between April to August. This period has just the right temperature for incubation. Egg laying often happens in the morning and, on average, three times a year.

How the Eggs Are Taken Care of


What about the sparrow’s nesting habits? The male bird will pick the nesting site and construct a simple pilot nest for their future family.

Then, both of the parent birds will continue building the nest on the site, often in dense trees or cavities in houses, pipes, and other structures.

After the eggs hatch, the newborn birds stay in their nests for two weeks. The young birds hatch with sensitive skin and are completely naked.

Plus, they cannot open their eyes for the first seven days. With their frail and weak bodies, they would need the guidance of their parents for nutrition and protection until they’re five weeks old.

Both sexes feed the young babies, and the diet mostly consists of insects.

Factors Affecting the Duration of Incubation


The sparrow egg’s hatching time is not always the same. The major factor that affects the duration of incubation is the temperature. The colder the temperature is, the longer it takes for the eggs to hatch.

Furthermore, sparrows laying eggs at higher altitudes can also lead to longer incubation times. This is due to the colder weather up in higher places.

Lastly, some experts also note that the age of the parent sparrow may affect the duration of the incubation. Healthier and younger sparrows can hatch eggs quicker than older couples.


In this article, we answered the question, “how long do sparrow eggs take to hatch?” House sparrow eggs take at most two weeks to hatch. But conditions like the temperature and age of the bird can affect this length of time.

Fortunately, sparrows take prudent care of their young ones and migrate for the breeding season to ensure better survival of the clutch. After the eggs hatch, the parent sparrows ensure their newborns are well-fed and protected.

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