Thayer Birding Software Releases Version 7 for Windows and Mac

Are You the Local Bird Expert?
You Soon Will Be!

Version 7 is Here
For Windows and Mac computers

Windows icon          Mac icon

We included 6,500 Photos
We included 1,500 Songs
We included 550 Videos
We included 700 Quizzes
We included 989 Species
We completely changed the Look & Feel
And... wait for it...

We slashed the price to $49.95 for the download
and $63.95 for the USB Flash Drive


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 $49.95                         $49.95

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$63.95                        $63.95

We strongly suggest that you get the USB Flash Drive
if your download speed is less than 10-15 Mbps

 Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
Mac: OSX 10.9 - OS X 10.12

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Then select "Pay with my PayPal account" or select "Pay with a debit or credit card."

Watch the YouTube Videos
Version 7 for Windows is Now Available !
Version 7 for Mac is Now Available !

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Read Actual Fan Mail From Users of Thayer's Birds of North America

  User's Fan Mail
(Notice the huge variety of folks who use and love this software!)

Craig S
- By the way, my grandkids love your birding software.  Every time they visit we have to spend time looking at the birds, listening to their sounds, and watching the short videos.  The Pileated Woodpecker, Great Gray Owl, and Ruffed Grouse are favorites.  I was really surprised when my 3 year grandson asked to see the Great Gray Owl and did a great sound imitation!

William K (9 years old) - Thank you for the Birds of North America software program. I was so excited we downloaded it the night I got it. I looked at pictures, watched videos, made lists and did quizzes until my parents made me go to bed. It is totally awesome!

Linda - Love this software. I coached a 7th grade girl with it for Science Olympiad Ornithology. She and her partner won 4th place at Nationals this year!

Richard P - Your Birding Software is fantastic.  Quite a few of our High Country Audubon (NC) group use it regularly.  It always comes up as an excellent resource when the meeting focuses on sharing favorite ways to improve individual identifications. 

Michael F - I love using the quizzes to teach my students how to identify birds.

David R, Ph.D. (Department of Zoology - Miami University) - You have a tremendous product and I require it for all my Ornithology students.

Mike M - I have purchased every version since 2.5 direct from you. By the way, in case you wonder how people use the software I am a professional biologist and your quiz features is one of the best ways I know to practice to do point counts and my BBS route. I will often take my laptop to work and practice during my spare time. As a result at least two of my seasonal staff have purchased your software for themselves.

Deb B - You want to know how I like the program?  I LOVE IT!  I use it all the time in my work as a Zone Biological Science Technician with the Forest Service at Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests here in in Arizona.

Chris L - I have been using your software for years now… use it all the time…  use it often for teaching… use it for ‘birding by ear’ workshops…  use the Birder’s Handbook connection often too. I have some workshops coming up this spring and I also direct National Audubon’s “Joy of Birding” week-long in residence adult bird camp on the coast of Maine -
Audubon Birding Camp.  We’ll use your software there...these campers are all enthusiastic and active birders often from bird clubs and Audubon chapters across the country. Keep up the great work you’ve been doing. Many thanks.

Rowland W (Charlotte Observer) - Hi Pete. We got the birding software you sent us and did a reader giveaway. Lots of people begging for it, from kids to retirees. Thanks for sending it to us.

Jim C (President and Founder - Wild Birds Unlimited) - I love your latest version and recommend it to anyone who expresses an interest in learning more about birds.

Read more fan mail...


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