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place where birds live

An aviary is a place where birds live when not in the wild. It is often larger than a typical cage, so it is more appropriate as birds need a lot of space.

Aviaries can be found in a bird sanctuary, zoo, or even a private home. This article will discuss how it looks and its specifics, such as how to build and maintain one.


What Do You Call the Place Where Birds Live While in Captivity?

Most birds stand out from other animals because they can fly. This ability also means they require a unique habitat when they live in captivity.

Specifically, they need a place to roost, fly, and feed while confined so they don’t fly off. We call that place a bird aviary.

An aviary is also referred to as a flight cage, as it resembles a large cage with bars where one can peer through. However, they are much spacier than most cages, with enough space for plants and shrubbery to imitate the birds’ habitat.

These aviaries are also usually tall, as the height gives birds space to fly high without escaping.

Different Types of Aviaries


Below are some popular types of aviaries:

  • Indoor Aviary – As the name implies, an indoor aviary is situated inside a building, such as an establishment or a private home.
  • Outdoor Aviary – Contrary to an indoor aviary, an outdoor aviary is located outside of buildings, exposed to various elements.
  • Grounded Aviary – A grounded aviary is a large enclosure for birds fixed to the ground. For those planning on building an aviary for birds, this type is typically the easiest one to design and construct.
  • Suspended Aviary – Instead of being set on the ground, this enclosure usually sits above the floor, supported by the legs of the cage. It’s best for areas where snakes and mice frequent, as they can’t access the birds.
  • Walk-In Aviary – This is usually the biggest type of aviary, as it allows a person to walk in and mingle with the birds. You can come across one of these in bird zoos, considering how they’re suitable for grandiose displays.
  • Aquatic Aviary – This aviary type features a body of water, such as a pond. Thus, it is most appropriate for aquatic birds.

Natural Bird Habitats


An aviary is a place where birds are kept in captivity. However, there are more options for bird habitat in the wild, as explained below.

  • Non-forest habitat – Areas with only one clear vegetation layer and short undergrowth are usually considered non-forest habitats. One such example is heathlands, where short trees sprout prickly leaves that can shelter birds.
  • Forest habitat – This environment typically features a canopy cover of 30-70% and several layers of vegetation. As such, birds can easily find a suitable tree branch or shrub to settle in.
  • Aquatic habitat – Excluding flooded forests, aquatic habitat includes areas that are at least seasonally covered with water, such as wetlands. The number of vegetation layers can vary from one to several.

Aside from residing in the wild, birds may even build their shelter in or near private homes, such as on the ground, on the roof, or even on top of the AC unit!

When not kept in captivity, the majority of avian species live in nests, where they also lay eggs and raise their hatchlings.

If you set up a shelter, some birds may also take up residence by building nests there! However, if you have an unwanted feathery friend in your home, don’t disturb them – seek a professional’s assistance for their relocation.


The place where birds live in captivity is called an aviary. It is better than a cage as it provides more space for birds to roam or fly, which is better for the animal’s overall health.

You can build an aviary by yourself or seek a professional’s help. There are many types of aviary, including grounded, suspended, walk-in, and aquatic aviaries.

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