How to Make a Bird Bath Bubbler in 5 Easy Steps


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how to make a bird bath bubbler

If there are lots of birds flitting past your yard, you’d want to give them a place to hydrate and wash themselves. A stagnant or still-water bird bath is a classic option, but why don’t you consider making a bird bath bubbler, also known as a recirculating bird bath?

A bird bath with a bubbler has water constantly circulated by a pump. Thus, it’s cleaner and creates soothing noises, which attracts more birds. With that said, do you want to know how to make a bird bath bubbler? Keep reading to learn!

Ways to Make a Bird Bath Bubbler


There’s more than one way to build a bird bath bubbler. However, this method is one of the simplest and cheapest.

But don’t be limited by this – following similar steps will allow you to make a stone bird bath or even a clay pot garden bubbler. You’ll just have to change the materials and equipment.

What to prepare



  • Water
  • Water pump (solar-powered)
  • Plastic plate
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Rubber tubing
  • Acrylic paint and brush
  • Bird bath (alternative: tub, bowl, or bucket)
  • Decorations (e.g., stickers, rocks)


  • Knife
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Soldering iron

Step 1: Choose a location for your bird bath bubbler


To have a higher chance of attracting birds, think carefully about where you place your backyard bubbler:

  • In cold regions, the DIY tabletop bird bath should be in a sunny spot to keep the water temperature tolerable.
  • Warmer regions, meanwhile, should place bird baths in the landscape’s shady spots to keep the water cool and reduce bacterial growth.

Also, if you want an electric bird bath bubbler, you must pick a location near an electric supply. Meanwhile, if you opt for a solar bird bath bubbler, you don’t have to worry about proximity to an electric supply, so long as the solar panels are not obstructed from the sun.

Step 2: Design your bird bath bubbler


Deciding how your homemade bird bath bubbler will turn out will help you determine what materials and equipment you need.

To be clear, the design should be decided based on the birds in your area. For instance, a small fixture will be enough to make a hummingbird bird bath bubbler.

However, if the birds in your area are bigger, you might prefer a larger, more rigid structure like a rock water fountain. It has more surface area than the hummingbird bath ball, so bigger birds can land on it. The ridges in the rocks may also give them places to grip or perch.

Step 3: Prepare the bird bath bubbler components


You can proceed to preparation once you’ve finalized your bird bath plans. For the bird bath bubbler in our tutorial, these are the preparation steps you’ll need to do:

  1. Paint the styrofoam ball and trim off a portion so it can sit flat on the plate.
  2. Create a hole in the middle of the styrofoam using a soldering iron or heated screwdriver. The hole must be large enough for the rubber tubing to pass through.
  3. Create several small holes in the plastic plate. The water will pass through them to be recirculated. Don’t forget to create a hole in the center of the plate for the rubber tubing.
  4. Cut the rubber tubing so it’s of adequate length.
  5. You may also add decorations. For instance, you can stick stickers to the side of the bucket.

Step 4: Assemble the bird bath bubbler


You can put together this bird bath bubbler inside. The whole setup is light enough to carry it out after, but if you’re making a larger bird bath with a water reservoir, you may have to construct it outside.

These are the assembly steps for the hummingbird bath ball:

  1. Wash the components with water before putting them together.
  2. Assemble the bubbler for the bird bath according to the kit’s instructions.
  3. Attach the rubber tubing to the pump and put them inside the bucket. You can surround the pump with rocks to keep it in place.
  4. Make sure the solar panel is out of the bucket. You can create a notch on the side of the bucket so the pump’s wire can pass through without displacing the plate.
  5. Put the plastic plate over the bucket so it fits snugly.
  6. Thread the rubber tubing passing through the plate’s and styrofoam ball’s center holes. The flat portion should be the side facing the plate.
  7. If there is excess rubber tubing, you can cut it.

Step 5: Install your bird bath bubbler


It’s time to take your bird bath bubbler outside! You can put this on a table, ledge, or flat surface. Then, lift the plate, fill the bucket with water, and turn on the pump.

Should you decide to place the bird bath under trees, ledges, or feeders, remember to clean the bubbler and change the water regularly. Otherwise, birds won’t visit your yards.

Maintenance and Care of a Bird Bath Bubbler


It’s recommended to refill the water every 1 to 2 days and to scrub-clean once a week. However, if the bird bath or water becomes too dirty, you may have to do it earlier than scheduled.

Here are steps you can follow to clean and maintain a bird bath bubbler:

  1. Turn off the pump, empty the water, and disassemble the setup.
  2. Scrub the components until they are clean. Use a water and vinegar mixture instead of bleach or chemicals, as the latter may be unsafe for birds.
  3. Once the bird bath is clean and dry, fill it with water and turn on the pump.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the Difference Between a Bird Bath Bubbler and a Bird Bath Dripper?

Besides a bubbler or fountain, a dripper is another way to incorporate moving water into a bird bath setup. A bird bath with a dripper kit differs from one with a bubbler because it sources water from a hose instead of the one in the bath. Thus, the water tends to be fresher than the one recycled by a bubbler.


A bird bath bubbler is a great way to attract birds and help keep them hydrated and clean.

It is easy to make at home, especially if you follow a simple how to make a bird bath bubbler tutorial like in this article, as it calls only for a bucket, pump, plate, and styrofoam ball.

However, if you want a more aesthetic design, you can achieve that. It will require more effort, time, and materials. However, the process remains the same: you choose a location and design, prepare and assemble the bird bath, and then install it!

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