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What Does It Mean When Birds Go Crazy

Have you ever noticed your bird acting in unusual behavior? Or you’ve probably seen hundreds of birds flying together like crazy in the sky. You’ve most likely thought that these birds are out of their minds.

But what does it mean when birds go crazy? There could be several reasons behind it, such as fear, mating season, a way to communicate with other birds, and even the weather can affect a bird’s behavior.

Read on to learn different types of unusual bird behavior and why birds go crazy outside.

Types of Crazy Bird Behavior

1. Birds Chirping Loudly


Listening to the soft chirping of birds can be relaxing. However, it can be disturbing to hear birds being so loud. Aside from the annoying noise, it can also raise some concerns for bird owners.

When your birds start to chirp loudly and endlessly, you might think that there may be something wrong with your pet. However, that’s not always the case.

  • Boredom – Sometimes they’re just bored, and it’s their way to release their energy, especially when they’ve been inside the cage for too long.

If this is the reason, you can simply let your bird out of the cage and let it fly. Just make sure all doors and windows are closed, so they can’t fly outside your home.

  • Time: If you try to monitor your bird’s behavior, you’ll notice that it chirp noisily repeatedly at the crack of dawn and sunset. This may be because they’re fully energized during this time of the day.
  • Connect with other birds: Just like humans, birds have their way of connecting or communicating with other birds. They chirp loudly to inform other birds of any danger, attract a mate, and socialize.
  • Fear: Another reason may be fear. If they see any threat nearby, like cats or dogs, they may act up and chirp like crazy. If they see new people around the house and they start coming near them, birds may be agitated and chirp frantically.

2. Flying So Low


Most birds are known to soar high up in the sky. So when we see these birds flying around near ground or water, we find it strange. However, some bird species are low flyers, such as Nuthatches and Passeriformes birds.

But why do some high-flyer birds suddenly fly low? Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Searching for food: You’ll often see raptors or birds of prey flying low when they’re hunting. This allows them to inspect the area quickly and wait for the perfect time to catch their prey.

You’ll also find some birds that feed on fish and insects to fly low on bodies of water.

  • Wind currents: Sometimes, birds can also warn us about the weather. They say that if you see birds flying high, you can expect good weather.

However, they tend to fly low or not at all when a storm is coming to find shelter. To save their strength, they tend to fly lower where the wind current is steady to lessen the air resistance on their wings.

3. Birds Swarming


It’s fascinating to watch birds flying together. However, many believe that when you see a large flock of black birds flying together, it may signify bad luck.

Whether you believe it or not, there are several other reasons why you’ll see some birds gathering in one area.

  • Foraging: Birds flock together to make foraging more efficient. When they flock together, it’s easier for them to share food source information or detect prey more effectively. Apart from that, foraging together allows them to save more energy.
  • To deter predators: Birds have many predators and fly together as a way to protect each other. They know that their enemies won’t make a move if they are large in number.
  • Preparation to rest: Seeing a swarm of diurnal birds is also common during sundown. Some birds prefer to fly together when going back to their nests and their young.

Since they are active during the day, they need to rest at night to restore their energy for the next day.


The next time someone asks you what does it mean when birds go crazy or when black bird flocks, you can give them a logical explanation.

However, there’s also nothing wrong in believing in cultural and spiritual interpretations, we just need to respect each other’s beliefs.

What’s more important is understanding the different bird behaviors to know how to handle them better.

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