How to Hang a Bird Feeder Without a Tree? (Perfect Alternative)


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how to hang a bird feeder without a tree

Perhaps every bird lover would love to set up a corner for their favorite animal to come by and to do that, bird feeders are one of the top choices. However, not every house is surrounded with trees, which raises a question: How to hang a bird feeder without a tree?

Who needs a tree, one of our wonderful alternatives below can totally nail the bird feeder hanging process. You must have thought that without a tree, it would be very inconvenient and nearly impossible to hang a bird feeder. But as soon as you have knowledge of how to make use of the alternatives, I’m sure it won’t be a challenge anymore.

We’re here to share with you one of the most amazing bird feeder hanging ideas that you should try, which is installing a bird feeder pole. Depending on your demand, interest, and house structure, you should consider the most suitable one to have the best experience.

A Bird Feeder Pole Is a Perfect Alternative You Shouldn’t Miss!


If this is your first attempt, then continue reading because we have included specific steps to help you succeed in installing a bird feeder pole. Needless to say, you will need to prepare a bird feeder pole. Other optional materials are buckets of hot water and a hammer.

Step 1: Pick a spot to locate the feeder pole

Since it takes time and effort to install, you’d better choose where to install the feeder pole carefully. An important point you should notice is that birds are very cautious of predators. Thus, they only approach your feeder if it makes them feel safe. Make sure the bird feeder pole is located somewhere broad and clear so they can observe if there are any threats. Also, make sure the feeder is not too low because it will be within cats’ reach.

Step 2: Soften the chosen turf

The rigidity of the ground itself makes it really hard to impale the pole into. Therefore, you need to soften the chosen turf or lawn. You can either get a bucket of boiling hot water or simply wait for the rain. One to two bowls of hot water is the most suitable amount. After pouring it on the turf, let it sit for five minutes.

The hot water will soften the top layer and quickly infiltrate the ground, which allows the pole to go in all the way. However, do not overdo it because it will result in instability of the feeder pole. If you accidentally poured too much water, keep holding the pole until the ground dries.

Step 3: Use your own force to impale

Prepare to impale the feeder pole into the ground with all the strength you have. Push the bird feeder pole all the way downwards. In case your feeder pole is unexpectedly heavy, skip this step and take a look at step 4.

Step 4: Disassemble the bird feeder pole

Using your own force to penetrate the whole bird feeder pole is not easy because most of its height is out of our reach. The solution here is to disassemble the feeder pole. Some feeder poles are already disassembled during shipping. But if they are not, you can totally do it yourself.

Bird feeder poles like the shepherd hook usually come with a separated spike on the end. Use the spike and penetrate it in the ground by itself before putting the other parts together. There are a few ways to do so, one of which is to push it in with your feet or use a hammer to assist you. However, there are some spikes that are made from metal, so you should cover it with a piece of cloth to prevent it from being knocked by the hammer.

Last but not least, ensure that the bird feeder pole is forced into the ground at exactly 90 degrees and at least 1 foot down to avoid leaning. The hole where you penetrate the pole needs to be tightly fit, otherwise the pole will not stand straight and will tilt or fall off.

Additional Decorating Tips

You should hang at least two feeders so smaller birds will have their own space and won’t be frightened of having to join the larger ones. There are bird feeder poles which have interesting models to choose from, such as poles with several hooks so you can hang several feeders at one place or decorating poles where both plants, flowers, and feeders can be hung.

Also, you can pair a feeder pole with a bird bath or a bird perching house or both to attract more birds as well as offer them an incredible place to hang out. A bird feeder pole can be such an indispensable element of your bird feeding station.

Other Options

1. Hanging brackets


Hanging a bird feeder on a bracket is liked by many people because of its multipurposeness and proactively convenience. Hanging brackets can be installed at any location: fences, outdoor halls, walls, or any edges. Not only that, you can easily remove it to decorate, sanitize, or even attach it to another area if you like. Moreover, hanging brackets not only allow you to hang bird feeders but also lamps, wind chimes, and other decoration items.

You can watch this short tutorial of putting up a hanging bracket in case you don’t know how to. In the video, although the woman is trying to hang a flower basket using a hanging bracket, it works the same with hanging a bird feeder.

2. Deck hangers

Do you ever feel disappointed when your outdoor railings do not come with a hook? Well, you no longer have to from this moment onwards because heck hanger is here to solve your problem. Deck hangers are exclusively made for the railings without any hooks or poles.

They are equipped with free-standing hooks and clamps so you can just simply hook them to the railings. With versatile features, a deck hanger is stable, secure, and not cumbersome. You can also easily unclamp and move it to another spot of your choice.

3. Window bird feeder

If you’re truly a bird lover and you find it’s relaxing and satisfying when observing birds, you should choose window feeders. They will offer you an experience of hearing and watching the birds at a closed distance. Usually, a window feeder comes with a few suction pads to stay stable on windows.

However, if you frequently open and close your windows, you can use wires or strings to hang the feeders below the window’s roofline. Before hanging the feeder, clear away stuff, and keep it tidy around the window to give birds enough space to spot predators.

Surprising Benefits When Not Hanging a Bird Feeder on a Tree

At first, most of us reckon that it’s very challenging to hang bird feeders without trees. On the contrary, not only is it definitely possible but it’s also more ideal and beneficial than expected.

  • Not hanging bird feeders on trees will reduce chances squirrels approach and steal bird food. It is likely to happen because trees are where most squirrels live.
  • Bird feeder hanging tools provide several hooks so you can have several feeders or even decorating plants at a time.
  • Hanging a bird feeder by using feeder poles, hanging brackets, deck hangers, and window bird feeders will greatly contribute to decorating your house as well. While hanging on trees only offers a fixed location, hanging on these tools will be much more proactive.


So, if you don’t have a tree or simply don’t want to hang the feeder on trees, you’d better consider purchasing one of these tools: bird feeder poles, hanging brackets, deck hangers, and window bird feeders. They work the same as trees and even better. Overall, no tree presence at your house doesn’t mean you can’t have bird feeders. It is actually such a great advantage when you can avoid the unwanted issues of hanging bird feeders on trees.

Hopefully, this article on how to hang a bird feeder without a tree has covered everything you wish to know. If you find this helpful and interesting, share this with your loved ones. Finally, if you have any questions or want to share some thoughts, feel free to leave comments down below.

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