How to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Baskets? – 6 Ways


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how to keep birds out of hanging baskets

Hanging flower pots are a beautiful addition to any garden or outdoor space. However, they can also attract unwanted guests – birds!

If you are tired of birds nesting in your hanging baskets, eating your plants, or leaving droppings all over your patio or deck, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will show you how to keep birds away from hanging plants using a variety of simple and effective methods.

Keep reading to learn how to keep birds out of hanging baskets

What Kind of Birds Nest in Hanging Baskets?


Before we delve into different solutions to keeping the birds out of hanging baskets, let us first understand why and what birds often appear on hanging baskets, shall we?

Common birds you might have encountered are robins, house finches, and mourning doves.

The hanging plants are ideal nesting sites for these birds, especially house finches, as they are more secure and comfortable due to their higher placement from the ground and natural appearance.

Most of these birds are protected by the law, so preventing them from nesting in your hanging basket is the best action you can take before it is too late.

6 Ways to Keep Birds Out of Hanging Baskets

What to prepare:

You can prepare several of the following to make surerobins, doves, or house finches stay away from your beautiful flower baskets:

  • Birdhouse (preferably with a roof)
  • Fine wire (about 1mm Hole 20 Mesh)
  • Fine cloth (Polypropylene Mesh Cloth Wrap)
  • Fake Decoy (preferably Plastic Owl)
  • Cotton Balls (soaked in citrus)
  • Ultrasonic Repellent

Solution #1: Build a Birdhouse


Placing a birdhouse might sound ironic, but hear us out first. One reason why birds keep coming back to your hanging basket is due to the shelter it offers them.

So, providing them with improved and appropriate housing elsewhere in the garden would keep birds from nesting in hanging plants by redirecting their attention to better accommodation.

However, relying solely on this tactic cannot ensure that it will keep birds out of hanging ferns. Thus it is recommendable to conjunct in with additional methods we will discuss later.

Solution #2: Add a Physical Barrier

A guaranteed way of keeping birds out of hanging plants is by wrapping them with a fine wire (about 1mm Hole 20 Mesh) or a cloth (Polypropylene Mesh Cloth Wrap)

It is conducive to stop birds eating strawberries in hanging baskets if ever your plant is fruit-bearing. Moreover, your basket will be prone to birds if it contains a liner, especially one made of coco lining.

So, it is advantageous to cover hanging basket liners bird-proof with a net or mesh for added protection.

Although it requires a lot of work, this approach is successful in both keeping birds out of hanging plants and safeguarding plants and the birds’ health.

In spite of that, some people may find it unattractive and ruin the aesthetics of the garden. Worry less as we will explore more alternative solutions in the following discussion.

Solution #3: Fake Predator


Scaring birds with their most common predators, such as owls or snakes, would be the ideal fake decoy to keep birds out of potted plants.

The reasoning behind this is evident: when a bird perceives a threat, it will naturally retreat. But for how long?

According to a scientific study, the effectiveness of a decoy in deterring birds is only temporary.

Birds are unexpectedly intelligent living creatures, so if you are committed to using this solution, place it in a natural setting and frequently change its position every few days.

Solution #4: The Power of Old CDs


Surprisingly, CDs or reflective tape can stop birds destroying hanging baskets.

These simple tools operate by reflection. Once hit by the sun, it will generate a bright light that startles the birds and causes them to flee.

You can choose either what you desire. You might already have your old CDs, so it is inexpensive. But if you prefer convenience instead of hanging CDs individually, the reflective tape would be a better option for you.

Solution #5: Smell Repellent


Although birds do not heavily depend on their sense of smell, they do have the ability to detect scents through their olfactory organs.

By placing cotton balls dipped in citrus scent, you can prevent birds digging in flower pots as they cannot stand its strong aroma.

Peppermint oil is an additional choice. This is an effective bug repellent in addition to being a bird repellent.

It is safe to say that it will not harm the plants and is an easy way to repel birds. It is also best done when there are still no birds or nests in the hanging basket.

Solution #6: Ultrasonic Repellent

Lastly, if you want to go big, you can opt to buy an ultrasonic bird repeller. The market has a wide-variety of selections where you can choose from.

This modern device emits sounds that only birds can hear. The vibrations produced to make them uncomfortable, motivating them to leave the area.

Nonetheless, be mindful that your pets might be capable of perceiving it, so choose a product wisely.

But if you want to opt for a cheaper option, windchimes could also work. Its abrupt movement, accompanied by its sounds, can frighten the birds away from your hanging baskets while providing you with a calming environment.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I move the bird nest from my hanging basket to another place?

You might have heard that it is illegal to move a nest. However, you can move it as long as it is not too far, and bird parents can see it so they can continue caring for their young.

If you are not sure about your laws, keeping the birds in place is a better option so you can learn for the next season.

Can I put bamboo sticks in my plants to deter birds?

Yes. Putting bamboo sticks or skewers can prevent birds from sheltering in your plants as it does not give a flat surface for nesting. However, keep the sticks flat to avoid possible injuries.


In conclusion, learning how to keep birds out of hanging baskets can be achieved through several effective methods.

Installing birdhouses, physical barriers, visual, olfaction, and auditory deterrents like shiny objects, citruses, and ultrasonic repellent are all effective.

It’s important to remember that birds are essential to the ecosystem and should be treated with care and respect.

Whether you prefer natural solutions or mechanical devices, there is a humane option for everyone to deter birds so we can coexist with them in our outdoor spaces.

Have you tried one of these? Please share your thoughts and tell us what works for you in the comments below!

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