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blackbird symbolism & meaning

A blackbird has many meanings across cultures, and perhaps even you have heard of these tales from mainstream media or in literature. Blackbirds are considered a common bird, but behind them are mysterious and intriguing symbols born from their ominous, dark feathers and capturing songs. 

So, what is a blackbird’s symbolism and meaning? Blackbirds can mean darkness, death, or even temptation, but they can also signify harvest, healing, and safety. 

List of Meanings of Blackbird

1. Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of blackbirds is not the same in all cultures. The most common perception of a blackbird would be a bringer of bad news, on the other hand, there are cultures who see it as a spirit that brings bright omens. 

Night wings bring forth a gloomy image associated with the world of souls, and it is what makes a blackbird the symbol of death. The sight of a blackbird would then lead people to prepare for someone’s passing. 

Some myths even say that these birds are servants sent by witches and demons. If by chance you see a blackbird face their song towards you, it may be taken as a dim prophecy.

When leaning into a more magical sense, blackbirds symbolize shamans or even witches. There are those that believe hearing a blackbird singing would enable Shamans to dive into various spiritual worlds. 

2. Native American Symbolism

The Blackbird meaning is seen many times in the culture of Native Americans. In the factions that follow the Mother of Corn, they use blackbirds to get an outlook on their farm and harvest management’s condition. 

In other tribes, the act of seeing blackbirds’ spiritual meaning can be associated with the underworld and the truth of nature lying within you. There, the blackbird is viewed as a creature of power that helps you discover more about yourself.

You can also see things like blackbird medicine being involved in divination rites. Sometimes, there are tribes that utilize blackbird feathers and eggs in showing fortunes. 

3. Bible Symbolism 

The blackbird’s meaning in the Bible signifies the work of Satan and the evil that surrounds it. From the bird’s dark color alone, one would think of wrongdoings. It’s said that the horrid himself let out these birds with the intention of luring people into temptation. 

There is a tale in Judaism that speaks of how all the people that died during the Great Flood had turned into crows. Meanwhile, in the blackbird symbolism in Christianity, crows are spotted during the death of Jesus Crist. 

Ever since then, they have been labeled as the bringers of demise and mishap. 

4. Blackbirds as a flock of birds in Science

Now, when it comes to a flock of blackbirds’ meaning in science, there comes an interesting phenomenon that scientists call ‘murmuration’. Murmuration is what happens when a great number of birds come together and move as if they are one being. 

Many professionals have attempted to understand how birds of big batches are capable of flying in perfect coordination, but the most they have discovered for now is that these birds pay close attention to their neighboring birds and adjust from there

But, there comes the question of why these birds are flocking together like this. Well, ornithologists believe there are different situations that would cause them to come to one. However, the most likely reason would be discovering a large food source. 

There are also cases during the cold and harsh winter when birds press alongside each other to keep warm.

5. Spiritual meaning of a flock of blackbirds

Now, the spiritual meaning of a flock of blackbirds has a more positive outlook. Among the few we have: 

1. A significant change is coming to your life

If by chance you see a flock of blackbirds in your dreams, this is a sign that something big is about to be different.

It could be a change in anything, perhaps in your career or even somewhere more personal. However, there’s nothing to worry about. The flock of blackbirds omen that fly freely in your subconscious is a sign that you can tackle the upcoming events.

2. A sign of health and recovery 

Music can be a powerful device, even more so in nature. A blackbird’s singing tune has long since been thought to have the power equal to healing medicine. 

If by chance you see that blackbirds are around your house, maybe it’s time for you to give yourself a chance to rest; an opportunity to catch your breath. These birds will tell you that no matter how alone you are, there will always be people who will help you.

3. Shelter and safety

By nature, blackbirds are hardworking creatures that place significant priority on the safety of their family. Their loyalty knows no bounds, especially when coming in the face of predators looking to consume them as prey.

What are Blackbirds?

There are many birds that bear similar dark, feathered coats, but the blackbird we speak of is the common blackbird. These are the blackbirds with yellow beaks. 

Usually, this bird sings at the beginning of spring and you’ll find them quite lively nearing the end of the day. Though, the female blackbird differs from the males. Instead of bright beaks, theirs is in black, and instead of dark feathers, they have theirs in brown.

You would often find these birds in plentiful forests and maybe some with sandy beaches. Just like their name suggests, they are quite common, so much so you’d find them in your local park or even in your garden.

Besides the common blackbird, another similar one to mention is the red-winged blackbird, which is a blackbird with orange wings that are occasionally red. These bright pops of color can be spotted on their shoulders.


Certainly, there have been many stories and fables that circle around these peculiar beings that flutter about. After all, they are everywhere and have deeply embedded themselves in culture. A blackbird’s symbolism and meaning can vary.

So whether it be a good omen, a symbol of good fortune, or maybe even a bringer of death, you best be careful when you receive a visit from a blackbird, lest you misinterpret their intentions and choose the wrong path.

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