How to Get Rid of Birds in Trees Without Killing Them


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how to get rid of birds in trees

Birds commonly seek refuge in trees. These feathery creatures look so amicable that they seem to cause no damage, but once they gather and roost, they may require your prompt attention.

Several ways on how to get rid of birds in trees include installing bird barriers such as spikes, netting, electronic bird repellers, predatory decoys, and shiny objects. While trimming and using bird repellent can be an alternative too.

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Ways to Get Rid of Birds in Trees


Solution No. 1: Bird Netting

With the bird netting device, known as mesh, you can physically prevent the birds from getting access to the trees you are protecting, whether it be fruit-bearing or not.

The mesh comes in sizes and types, but the most popular one is the 3/4″ Mesh. It can be installed permanently or temporarily, depending on the material.

In setting up a net, you will need additional materials such as a frame (PVC/stick), heavy thread, and a needle.

  • Lay down the entire net and tie all corners in the frame.
  • Raise the frame to cover the whole tree while placing the frame firmly on the ground.
  • Wrap all the corners into a trunk and thread all the openings with a heavy thread.

Solution No. 2: Installation of Bird Repellent Spikes

When it comes to the use of bird spikes, you can get rid of birds roosting in trees, flocking, or even nesting at specific places these birds can land.

However, you may have to observe the behavior of the birds first so that later on, you know where to put the bird spikes properly.

You can install these bird spikes effortlessly and maintain them without any problem, depending on your preference. You can secure it with caulk, a tie, or a screw.

Solution No. 3: Electronic Bird Repeller

Using a sound deterrent can be a good idea, too, if you can’t fully cover your tree with a net or place spikes on many branches.

Both birds and humans are found to have the same sensitivity level when hearing loud noises, but creating loud noises alone can wear you out.

For that, you can choose to install an electronic bird repeller that emits high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans.

This device is sure to be efficient in deterring birds since the created noise bothers or disorients the birds even from approximately 4000 square feet away.

Netizen’s brand of choice is said to be Careland Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. This waterproof device has incredible sound waves and a, built-in lights, and an alarm that you can turn off.

But in installing such a device, you must consider the location for it to be effective.

Preferably, electronic bird repellers should be installed in either semi- or enclosed areas so that the birds will clearly hear the sound.

Solution No. 4: Bird Repellent Reflectors

If bird barriers and sound deterrents aren’t that effective in keeping those stubborn birds away from your trees, you can use visual deterrents.

Have you happened to have reflective tape or those old CDs that you have gathered stuck up in your room completely useless?

Surprisingly, those things can be convenient for keeping the birds away from your tree.

Basically, birds hate reflective stuff, so you just have to hang those shiny CDs on your tree; only then can they serve their purpose as bird repellent reflectors.

Solution No. 5: Predatory decoy

It is undeniable that avians are blessed with excellent eyesight. From locating food to scanning predators, they can rely on their vision during the day and at night.

So, if birds get too used to the comfort of your planted trees, you can apply predatory decoys or those remote-controlled figures to signal a threat.

For instance, a hawk or an owl decoy proves to be a good use when you plan to keep birds out of trees.

A good tip when putting a decoy is to use it together with an electronic bird repeller to alter their sense of vision and hearing, hence increasing the chance of frightening the birds away.

Solution No. 6: Cut or trim tree branches

If you’re still wondering, “How do I stop birds from roosting in my trees?”

Don’t worry because aside from the solutions mentioned above, cutting or trimming tree branches can be an alternative to get birds out of tree.

This is done to discourage them from coming back to your property.

Using a pruning shear or hacksaw, trim or cut off the tree branches where the flocking or roosting birds come often.

Doing so will lessen the room for those birds who like to settle to sleep or rest in those branches.

If by any chance, you’re having trouble with how you would scare birds away from trees over driveway, the same method can be used.

However, if the branches where most of those persistent birds go are too high, we recommend contacting a company that offers tree trimming or cutting services.

Solution No. 7: Bird Repellent Spray


If you own a fruit-bearing tree where birds frequently visit, and want to keep them away, then try to utilize a bird repellent spray for fruit trees.

This method will prevent your fruits from being damaged and is a good alternative for cutting or trimming tree branches.

So far, many liquid bird repellents in the market are available; two of them are Avian Control and Bird Stop.

These bird repellent sprays last long and effectively drive birds away from fruit trees. It works by irritating the bird’s sense of smell in a harmless and cost-effective way.

Also, you can use them without worrying about harmful chemicals since it has a natural formula.

By applying it directly to the chosen surfaces, you can increase your harvest while maintaining the aesthetics of the tree!


Knowing how to get rid of birds in trees can be challenging, especially if you don’t want to harm them. Good thing, there are plenty of solutions to control this problem.

You can choose any of the these safe solutions provided above, and if installed or done correctly, you can guarantee that those birds won’t return anymore.

Still, in cutting or trimming trees, if it goes out of hand, better reach help by hiring professionals that offer such services. Protecting trees is important but remember not to compromise your safety.

Lastly, we sincerely hope that we were able to assist you in deciding on your chosen approach to removing birds from trees. If you have used one of our suggestions, please let us know how it worked for you.

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