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what does it mean when you see a bluebird

Spotting a bluebird in your backyard for the first time seems like luck. But when you see these blue-feathered birds more often, it might leave you wondering what does it mean when you see a bluebird? That is why you are here after searching “seeing a blue bird meaning” on the Internet!

The phrase “bluebird of happiness” has some truth to it. Because there is something good in store for you when you have frequent bluebird sightings, learn about this and more in the next section.

Seeing a Bluebird Meaning


One does not catch a glimpse of a bluebird by chance because it is a clear indication that happiness is coming your way when you see a bluebird. In many cultures, the bluebird is known as a symbol of happiness. It is also mentioned in many Native American folklore and legends that people attract bluebirds to enjoy their songs of hope and joy.

1. Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

The most important bluebird symbolism is linked to the color of their feathers. Blue is the color that represents peace, contentment, purity, honesty, and innocence. That is why bluebirds are considered messengers of love and joy.

In Christianity, the bluebird meaning in bible is that these birds are angels in disguise. They act as messengers from the realm of the Gods, sent by our guardian angels to deliver an important message to people on Earth. Therefore, seeing a bluebird means they are bound to impart wisdom, and we must open our minds and hearts to their spirit.

The color of the bluebirds feathers is another blue bird spiritual meaning that can be associated with nature. When you see a bluebird on several occasions, detach yourself from the hectic and materialistic world. Spend more quality time with nature and explore the beauty it has to offer to experience true happiness.

Additionally, following the path of the bluebirds will allow you to notice the minutest of things and find happiness in them. It is a great way to build positivity within you and will undoubtedly affect how you live your daily life.

We rarely see blue in nature, so seeing bluebirds is out of the ordinary. This makes these spirited birds a symbol for transition. If you happen to see one when you are undergoing a major change, you can take it as a sign to push ahead confidently and act swiftly. It is an assurance that you can expect good results in everything you do.

If you were currently struggling when you spot a bluebird, it means that the end to the issue you are facing is near, and a great weight will be lifted off your shoulders. In some instances, a bluebird can also serve as a warning to be on guard about certain unresolved issues.

2. In Dreams

What if your bluebird sighting happened in your dreams? This can be a symbolic forthcoming of a good fortune or an imminent change that will bring joy to your life. Dream experts also relate seeing bluebird in a dream as spiritual or angelic guidance from a deceased loved one.

How your encounter with the bluebird unfolds can have a different meaning. Here are some of the common bluebird dreams and what they mean.

  • Talking Bluebird

Having an encounter with a talking bluebird represents your loneliness, and it implies a recent breakup or divorce that left a void in your life.

  • Sleeping Bluebird

It suggests that you tend to compare yourself with others, and it has sabotaged your self-confidence. This dream is a sign that you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

  • Bluebird Feather

Finding a bluebird feather in a dream and not figuring out the owner can be a warning. It is not a good sign for your wealth, so you should not take it for granted and be ready for a possible loss in the near future.

  • Feeding on a Worm

You can expect good things from this type of dream. Sighting a bluebird feeding on a worm signifies that you will find massive success in your profession.

  • Dead Bluebird

This dream has a negative meaning: you are about to do something terrible, and you will lose your innocence in doing so.

  • Flock of Bluebirds

A flock of bluebirds in your dream implies that an opportunity to see all your family members. You will get to enjoy the gathering to the fullest.

What Should You Do When You See a Bluebird


Being able to spot and recognize bluebird sign is essential. They can tell you many things, and you should do your part in identifying these blessings. Slow down and break free of your usual routine. Appreciate the small things, be with nature, and embrace the prosperity and good fortunes coming your way.

The significance of spotting a bluebird in real life or your dreams is beyond doubt. When you receive the sign, proceed without any worry, and you can expect things to fall in place at the right moment.


There are several meanings of bluebirds, but it all boils down to happiness and good fortune. If you catch sight of a bluebird, slow down and appreciate your surroundings. They come with a message that might vary for each one of us. However, it is undeniable that seeing bluebirds more frequently has a vital significance that you cannot ignore.

Hope you like this article on “what does it mean when you see a bluebird?”. Have you experienced catching a glimpse of bluebirds more than once and receiving some good news a few hours or days later? Share your story with us in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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