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birds that bring good luck

If you want to add some good luck charm to your life, you should turn to birds that bring good luck. These beliefs about lucky birds have been around for many centuries. Many still believe in the good fortune certain birds bring when you cross paths with them.

But which bird is a symbol of good luck? What does each of them represent? Let’s find out in the next sections so that when you encounter these birds, you’ll know what good news they’ll bring.

Birds That Are Good Luck

Have you run into a bird and can’t stop thinking whether that encounter meant something? There are several bird species that are thought to bring prosperity for homes. We have a list of good luck birds and meanings, their characteristics, and the good fortune they can bring to your life.

1. Dove


Doves are a sign of good luck. Their purely white plumage signifies innocence and purity. They are one of the popular bringers of luck, a symbol of love and peace bird.

During Roman times, doves were used as offerings to the gods in return for protection and guidance in war. In Christian Bibles, the dove is also one of the Holy Spirit’s symbols, among wind, water, fire, and oil.

2. White stork


Storks are white birds with long wading legs. This bird is a symbol of good luck and a sign of arrival of a new baby. Many would also think of storks as a sign that their homes are safeguarded against dangers.

In addition, they are also associated with spring, peace, prosperity, and fertility. It is no surprise because of their long life span and countless myths about storks and babies. Some cultures, such as the Chinese, also associate these birds with immortality.

3. Cardinals


The cardinals’ bright red feathers stand out from a mile away. Anyone who can hear their beautiful song wears a smile on their face. Cardinal’s reputation for being a good luck bird has a long history. They are considered the messenger of the gods and spirit guides. Cardinals are also linked to long life, vitality, and self-empowerment.

4. Blue Jays


Blue Jays have a blue-and-white coloring and a loud call that is distinct from others. This blue bird is believed to bring good luck and fortune. Their feathers are even used in headdresses since it represents protection.

Seeing a Blue Jay should put your heart at ease since they are a telltale sign that you are where you’re supposed to be in life. This is why some would say that seeing Blue Jays mean your wishes will soon become a reality.

5. Robin


Despite their small size, Robins are a sign of good fortune. In fact, their associations with luck are so strong that many people, especially those in America, believe hurting robins will bring about misfortune.

Hearing their cheerful chirps signal the arrival of spring; thus, they are linked to new beginnings, positivity, and optimism. Crossing paths with a robin can also mean a deceased loved one is watching over you.

6. Pigeon


These gentle and plump birds have been viewed as good luck since the old days. Pigeons represent good luck and wealth. When one visits your home, you can expect to be showered with luck all year long.

In some cultures, killing a pigeon is frowned upon since it will bring bad luck.

7. Love Birds


Love birds have colorful plumage. They live in pairs and are well known for sitting close together and showing deep affection. That is why love birds are viewed as symbols of love and loyalty.

Based on Native American culture, these birds are also messengers of love. This means crossing paths with them means finding true love. And similar to Blue Jays, seeing these birds can indicate that your dreams are about to come true.

8. Parrots


The colorful and vivid feathers of these birds and their friendly behavior toward humans makes them one of the most popular bird pets in many homes. Parrots are considered messengers of the gods and symbolize fertility.

In other cultures, such as India or South America, parrots are symbols of enduring love and devotion. They also represent freedom and a long life.

9. Mynah Bird


Mynah birds are smaller than other avians, but their vibrant yellow coloring under the eye can catch your attention in an instant. These birds are spirit guides in many cultures. Their free spirit and fearless behavior toward flying away from their nest represent freedom.

Moreover, they are also symbols of joy, happiness, intelligence, and communication. Each culture has a slightly different representation of these birds, but it is undeniable that it is centered around spirituality.

10. Bluebird


Look at the celestial blue plumage of this bird that’s a symbol of joy and hope. The presence of a bluebird can signify an upcoming time of prosperity and blessing coming your way. They also symbolize dreams and aspirations.

A meeting with a bluebird is sure to bring happiness to your life and remind you to be grateful. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, the sight of a bluebird means things are about to take a turn for the better.

11. Rooster


The striking and shiny feathers of the rooster are a welcome symbol of good fortune. Their morning calls are a representation of an abundant day full of blessings.

Roosters are lucky charms and are used in amulets and talismans. They are part of sacrificial ceremonies and sun worship of Native American tribes.

12. Hummingbird


Hummingbirds are known for their ability to hover in mid-air and change directions fast. They might be small, but they are quick and agile birds. Their strength and beauty represent freedom and lightness.

Anyone who crosses paths with a hummingbird can experience positive energy, serendipity, and good fortune. It will inspire you to face any obstacles in your way.

Frequently Asked Questions


What bird color is considered lucky?

The red bird’s good luck is one of the most well-known colors linked to a good sign. Redbirds, such as cardinals, symbolize love and self-empowerment.

Other lucky colors in birds to look out for are yellow and green. Yellow birds represent happiness, hope, and new beginnings. At the same time, green birds are linked to vitality, good health, abundance, and growth.

Blue is another lucky color when it comes to birds. Bluebirds are a sign of good luck and money. It also brings healing, love, and happiness.

Can birds give you good luck?

Yes. Seers, in particular, often rely on birds to predict success or good fortune. Different birds mean different fates for each person who might encounter them. You can check the previous section for the symbols and meanings behind some of these birds.

Are crows good luck?


Despite their harsh songs and not-so-colorful plumage, crows bring good luck. Crows are associated with powerful and keen insight. These birds represent transformation and change, either spiritually or emotionally. If you happen to cross paths with a crow, you can take it as a sign of good fortune.

In other cultures, crows symbolize fertility and protection. But to some, crows are related to misfortune and even death, as they are believed to be the ones that take away human souls.


Now that you know the birds that bring good luck, you can appreciate the beauty of encountering any bird and the message they carry. You’ll know what fortune they might bring into your life, and you can breathe easier with a smile on your face.

If you know someone who wants to know more about birds for good luck, share this article with them. It has the information you need to understand the topic. Have you crossed paths with a bird and experienced a change in your life after the experience? Share them with us in the comment section!

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